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Benjamin Hewitt’s New Short Story – Stuck in Traffic

* You’re alone in a small, dark exhibition room at the Tate Modern, and on the wall opposite is a three minute film projected on loop. INT. RANDALF’S HOUSE – DAY An impoverished but tidy house in Victorian England. RANDALF paces back and forth in front of his wife MELISSA, who is seated. RANDALF: Our

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Sally-Anne Wilkinson’s New Short Story – STUCK IN TRAFFIC

* You know, Rick, everyone says you can always count on me to be around if you want something to go wrong. Take today for instance – first day of car-sharing and what happens?  It’s kind of funny if you think about it.  Look at all the cars.  None of us are moving anywhere for

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Anthony’s Latest Short Film – REFIX

* Here we have Anthony Self’s latest short film which was produced for the recent 48 Hour Film Competition. * REFIX * *

Tomek Dzido’s new short story

* LOVING RAPUNZEL Loving Rapunzel was easy, killing her wasn’t. It all started a couple of years ago when I went to audition for a West End production of a children’s fairy tale. I’d been waiting with the other hopeful actors outside the audition room when it happened. We were all reading over the lines

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New STORY story titles – Vote now!

* Here we have the next batch of titles for the new STORGY story. Vote for your favourite title and see it turned into a unique short story .

Anthony Self’s New Short Story – Loving Rapunzel

* * LOVING RAPUNZEL  * Thursday 13th February 8.30pm Rapunzel came into my life about seven years ago. I was doing mandatory voluntary work at the shelter – (ha-ha) I just read that back to myself. Mandatory voluntary work. Bit of an oxymoron if ever I’d heard one. Anyhow, one night I’d decided to have

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Sally-Anne Wilkinson’s New Short Story – Loving Rapunzel

* * LOVING RAPUNZEL * Agnes These last days, she draws down on me.  Sometimes I pause; lean against the wall.  I wonder will the burden be too much?  Jacob has waited many a year, and I too.  But we are not young. God’s miracle, he says. The winter nights are long.  In our youth,

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Sian Evans’ New Short Story – Loving Rapunzel

* * LOVING RAPUNZEL “Are you coming in?” “Yes,” I answer from the doorway of your study.  Reclining on the Chesterfield, knees drawn up with Wuthering Heights open on your lap, a fire raging, a glass of whiskey three fingers deep on the floor within easy reach, you watch me walk towards you. Perhaps I

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Benjamin Hewitt’s New Short Story – Loving Rapunzel

* Loving Rapunzel There was the car park and the fields near the school, and then there was the tower. At 7:30pm after the fields, Kev says goodbye to Corey at the entrance to the alley and walks down it into the park. It’s still light but a hundred yard in three Banditos ask him

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LOVING RAPUNZEL  It is winter and the land is frozen. The great tower rises like a stalagmite of ice from the cold earth. At the top, Rapunzel lies, freezing and emaciated, watching the last ember flicker and die in the hearth. A wisp of smoke rises, freezes and falls to the floor with a shattering

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