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Ten Stories About Something – ‘Ether’ by Sally-Anne Wilkinson

ETHER by Sally-Anne Wilkinson The days and nights, I drift, like flotsam on the tide. Soon I’ll wash away entirely. Of course, there are moments when I grasp on, when I hear the stampede of life, and remember what I was; when all this started. I’ll tell you about it, while I’ve got time. *

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Ten Stories About Something – ‘Mother 3.5’ by Amber Koski

MOTHER 3.5 by Amber Koski The sign glows red, do not walk but the cars are spaced far enough apart for me to make it. I measure their speed against the risk of one of them actually hitting me, not even breaking to avoid me. When I told my mother I was gay, that I liked women,

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Ten Stories About Something – ‘Sinaltrainal v. Coca-Cola v. VelvetGoddess45’ by Benjamin Hewitt

SINALTRAINAL v. COCA-COLA v. VELVETGODESS45 by Benjamin Hewitt Selly Park makes me nervous. All parks make me nervous in the summer. Single mothers with thin adidas tracksuits on are like half-dead women with skulls for faces, pushing prams under twisted trees that threaten to swallow me whole. The footballers run around in little packs like

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Ten Stories about Something – ‘The Little Soldier’ – by Ryan Licata

THE LITTLE SOLDIER by Ryan Licata Daddy left the Christmas they lived by the sea. The small rented flat on the beach road had dirty white walls and a shiny red patio that smelt of cherries. The summer was hot and the holidays seemed to roll up into one everlasting day. Rebecca did not go

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Ten Stories About Something – ‘Pansy’ – by Lauren Bell

PANSY by Lauren Bell His name is Godfrey; it says so on his name tag. It’s a bit of a weird name, God-frey, as though the lord is cheap somehow. He hasn’t been working here long but already I can tell he’s not like the rest, all the other receptionists being women. He has this

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Sian Evans New Short Story – Sunrise Over Cappadocia

SUNRISE OVER CAPPADOCIA by Sian Evans The sun rose and then it set.  It did this every day.  What transpired below the glowing globe in those hours of light happened.  The vast majority of the events were uneventful.  Nothing truly occurs on a day-to-day basis that hasn’t been witnessed before by someone somewhere going about

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Anthony Self’s New Short Story – Sunrise Over Cappadocia

SUNRISE OVER CAPPADOCIA by Anthony Self There was a pop. Something crimson coloured and soggy flew out of the back of George’s head, and he crumpled onto the ceramic tiling of the balcony. Felix stood dumbfounded. His terror was glue…he couldn’t move an inch. He released his grip on the railing and shook his head

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STORGY MONTHLY MASTER – Interview with Toby Litt

Monthly Master featuring Toby Litt Read Toby Litt’s interview below: * INTERVIEWS   EXHIBITIONISM *   LIFE-LIKE *

Tomek Dzido’s Double Dose – ‘Sunrise Over Cappadocia’ and ‘Rust and Home’.

SUNRISE OVER CAPPADOCIA Capadoccia. What a place. What a beautiful fucking place. Look at all that bumpy shit. Look at those weird houses in the middle of the sand. They’re incredible. And look at those things. They look like giant penises, don’t you think? Look at them all. Is that what you think they are?

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Lauren Bell’s New Short Story – Sunrise Over Cappadacio

Sunrise Over Cappadacia by Lauren Bell Adeline shakes her lipstick-red umbrella on the steps of the grand gallery which are huge slabs of polished marble, so shiny you can see your own reflection staring back. The effect is a little unsettling if Adeline is completely honest, but the building is what strikes her most; it

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