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JAMES MILLER Critically acclaimed novelist and short story writer James Miller opens up about his influences, interests, and affection for the short story. Described by Beryl Bainbridge as a ‘formidable writer’ and Time Outs’ ‘rising star 2008’, James has written two highly praised novels; Lost Boys and Sunshine State, along with numerous short stories which have

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Anthony Self’s New Short Story – Send Her Away

* SEND HER AWAY Sarah pressed the spoon hard onto the aspirin tablets, crushing them into a fine powder. Scooping them off the dressing table with a cupped hand, she slid the powder into a glass and added the whiskey before moving over to the bed. She tested the resilience, making sure not to wake Greg. Holed

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Tomek Dzido’s New Short Story – Send Her Away

* SEND HER AWAY ‘Send her away.’ ‘Sorry?’ ‘Send her away.’ I look around. ‘Who?’ ‘Her.’ We’re alone. ‘There’s no one here.’ ‘Of course there is.’ I check. ‘No…there’s no one here.’ ‘You’re here.’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Send you away.’ ‘Me?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Why not?’ ‘Because I like it here.’ ‘I don’t.’ ‘So why don’t you go

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Sian Evans’ New Short Story – Send Her Away

* Send Her Away   The Matron Polly had scuttled over to the far corner where she was presently relieving herself, the yellow stinking fluid, tinged with pink, was running down her inner thighs and over her feet.  Mid-flow she sat, crossing her legs and arms like a child and started to sing. “You!” The

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Sally-Anne Wilkinson’s New Short Story – Send Her Away

* Send Her Away You stand hidden in a doorway, your breath rising, a phantom on the frosty air.  You watch another, similar doorway, dimly lit by streetlamps further down the road.  On its step rests a holdall, the zipper slightly open. It’s the zipper that draws your attention.   It reminds you of the sighs

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Cathy Vella’s New Short Story – Send Her Away

* SEND HER AWAY Jen sat sobbing on the sofa, snot dribbling from her nose. She wiped it away with the back of her hand. “Babes, I never wanted all this, and think…I mean…technically I was sleeping with you.” Rick pleaded. “Don’t fuckin’ babes me! And you knew it wasn’t me.” Jen regretted the day

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Tom Dowding’s New Short Story – Send Her Away

Send Her Away The Doctor poured the drinks.  His right eye glinted beneath a raised eyebrow; locked on his subject: the well-attired gentleman sat straining forward as though anticipant of discomfiting news; the right sleeve of his shirt – overlong – shrouded up to his fingertips.  A solitary light – dimmed – illuminated a table

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Benjamin Hewitt’s New Short Story – Send Her Away

* Send Her Away The literary agent fake-clears her throat. “‘The rain droplets on the windows,’” she reads, “‘filtered some dim light from a street lamp not too far away. The sound of the rain merged together into something like the slow splintering of wood.’” She puts her iPad down on the coffee-shop table and

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Ryan Licata’s New Short Story – Send Her Away

* SEND HER AWAY Karl, still wearing his stained overalls and grimy boots, stepped into Liberty department store just before closing time. He lifted the white coat off the rack and ran his hand down the front, admiring the row of dark wooden buttons. The wool was soft, lamb’s wool, nothing fake about it. Beth

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