London based tooth fairy and monster enthusiast Amie Dearlove, works in a sweet shop by day and creates creatures by night. When not making tiny toothy jewellery Amie can be found keeping sketchbooks and live drawing with her fellow artists.

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henryHenry began exploring his artistic mind with finger painting at the age of three before graduating to drawing dinosaurs at approximately six. Not long after, teachers dictated what to paint and draw, but that didn’t last long and soon he began to draw the things within his head – despite often being reprimanded.  He has produced work for theatrical productions, in addition to personal commissions.  He seems to be in search for something that he’ll probably never find, but drawing helps, besides, it’s not healthy to keep such stuff locked inside.

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HarlotVonCharlotte is an artist living and working in London – she graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2009 with a BA(Hons) in illustration, subsequently discovering that the years spent there were a complete waste of time. She primarily focuses on figurative illustrative artwork of the slightly odd and macabre persuasion and has also used sculpting, painting, figure drawing and graphic design to create new styles and unique works of art. She is currently experimenting with laser cut acrylic collages. She collaborates with other artists for live drawing events. Her client list ranges from corporate to personal commissions.

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Tim has been a full time teacher for 5 years at and an artist all his life. Recently his work has been featured in ImagineFX and the latest issue of Spectrum. He is fortunate enough to live out his dream and create art that reflects his life, interests, and curiosity. His drive stems from a naturally ingrained competitive nature and an equally compassionate love of creation.

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