Alpha of Mortal Flesh: Darkmourn Universe – Is Book 3 Worth It?

Searching for a captivating audiobook to dive into? Look no further: Alpha of Mortal Flesh: Darkmourn Universe, Book 3 is an enthralling addition to the series that will keep you hooked. Fans of fantasy romance and paranormal romance are in for a treat with this gripping story.

The audiobook, narrated by Shaun Grindell, runs for 13 hours and 29 minutes, providing plenty of entertainment for listeners. Many reviews praise the riveting drama, engaging romance, and suspenseful moments that make it hard to put down. Listeners also appreciate the intriguing exploration of the Darkmourn universe and Ben Alderson’s excellent writing style.

However, not all reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Some listeners found it difficult to connect with the main characters or feel invested in their relationship. Despite these concerns, the majority of customers are delighted with this gripping tale.

Bottom Line

Confident in its storytelling and compelling characters, Alpha of Mortal Flesh: Darkmourn Universe, Book 3 is a great listen for fans of the genre. If you’re interested in immersing yourself in a fascinating universe and a captivating story, click here to purchase the audiobook and start your adventure today!

Alpha of Mortal Flesh: Overview and Benefits

Diving into the world of the Darkmourn Universe, “Alpha of Mortal Flesh” is the thrilling third installment in this gripping series. The readers of this novel are sure to be engrossed in the engaging storyline and complex characters. With its immersive plot and suspenseful twists, this book is perfect for fans who crave action and adventure.

One of the significant benefits of this novel is the exceptional world-building and character development. The author skillfully crafts a vivid and intricate universe that keeps readers captivated. Additionally, the novel explores thought-provoking themes and poses engaging questions, sparking meaningful discussions among readers.

However, some readers might find the pacing to be a bit slow, requiring patience to get through certain parts. Nonetheless, the overall experience is well worth the investment, providing a satisfactory and impactful read.

To conclude, “Alpha of Mortal Flesh” offers a spellbinding journey through the Darkmourn Universe, making it a must-read for fans of the series. The captivating plot, paired with the attention to detail and intriguing characters, ensures a rewarding reading experience.

Audiobook Experience

“Alpha of Mortal Flesh”, Book 3 in the Darkmourn Universe series, offers an engaging experience for fans of fantasy and romance. Narration brings the story to life, capturing the essence of each character and keeping listeners hooked throughout the dramatic twists and turns.

Listeners praise the book for its intriguing plot, powerful emotions, and captivating writing style. They express a strong connection to the characters and appreciate the unexpected mysteries that unravel as the story progresses.

However, some listeners may find it difficult to connect with the characters or buy into their relationships. For a few, this aspect might make the overall experience less enjoyable.

Despite the occasional criticisms, many fans rank “Alpha of Mortal Flesh” as the best among the Darkmourn books, eagerly anticipating what author Ben Alderson will offer next. The audiobook version of this novel seems to enhance the experience, making it a highly recommended pick for fans of the series and for anyone seeking an immersive, emotional fantasy read.

Unraveling the Fantasy

“Alpha of Mortal Flesh: Darkmourn Universe, Book 3” seamlessly draws readers into its enticing world. Ben Alderson’s exceptional writing style is easy to follow, keeping audiences captivated for all 13 hours and 29 minutes of the audiobook. Listeners are taken on an emotional rollercoaster as the story delves into paranormal romance and fantasy, with engrossing twists and mysteries around every corner.

The characters Calix and Rhory are flawlessly crafted, making it effortless for readers to fall in love with them. Their tale offers a unique spin on Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, taking the story to the next level. With captivating drama, romance, and suspense, the book is hard to put down. However, some readers may find it difficult to connect with the main characters or their relationship.

Narrator Shaun Grindell enhances the listening experience, while Whispersync for Voice ensures a seamless transition between Kindle and Audible versions. As a fan, you may appreciate how “Alpha of Mortal Flesh” ranks high in the Werewolf & Shifter Romance category and adds to the growing collection of outstanding Darkmourn Universe books.

Audible Release and Author’s Craft

For fans of the Darkmourn Universe series, “Alpha of Mortal Flesh” surely delivers an immersive listening experience. The author’s craft shines through in the way the intricate plot and vivid characters come alive. Listeners will appreciate the depth of world-building and the attention to detail when it comes to descriptions, emotions, and action scenes.

On the Audible platform, the narrator does an excellent job of conveying the essence of each character, making it easy for listeners to feel engaged and connected to the story. The audio quality is top-notch, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable listening experience.

However, some may find the pacing to be a little slow in places, causing the narrative to drag. Despite this minor drawback, “Alpha of Mortal Flesh” is sure to captivate anyone who enjoys well-crafted sci-fi fantasy stories. In the end, this Audible release proves to be a worthy addition to the Darkmourn Universe series.

Pros and Cons


The third book in the Darkmourn Universe series, “Alpha of Mortal Flesh,” seems to be quite engaging to many readers. The plot is full of drama, romance, and suspense, making it a page-turner for those who enjoy an emotional rollercoaster. Many readers appreciate the descriptive, spicy scenes that keep them captivated throughout the book.

The progression of the Darkmourn Universe series has been well-received, and this third installment appears to elevate the reading experience for some fans. The characters, Calix and Rhory, form a dynamic duo that readers seem to enjoy following. As we dive deeper into the Darkmourn realm, we continue to uncover exciting mysteries that keep readers guessing.

Moreover, the writing style is praised for being smooth and easy to follow. This allows readers to quickly immerse themselves into the story and effortlessly fall in love with the well-developed characters. Furthermore, fans of the series appreciate the profound emotional connection that they establish with the characters and their ability to resonate with them on a personal level.


Despite the overall positive reception, “Alpha of Mortal Flesh” is not for everyone. Some readers have expressed their inability to connect with the characters or enjoy the storyline. The main characters’ relationship may not seem plausible to a few, making it challenging for them to invest in the story.

Additionally, while the first installment of the series can be somewhat depressive, some readers have found this tone to persist throughout the series. The gloomy atmosphere in parts of the story might deter some potential fans who prefer a lighter mood or more uplifting books.

In conclusion, “Alpha of Mortal Flesh” offers an engaging and immersive experience for many readers who enjoy suspenseful tales with a hint of romance. However, for those who struggle to connect with the characters or prefer a lighter atmosphere, this third installment of the Darkmourn Universe might not be the optimal choice.

Insights from Customer Reviews

“Alpha of Mortal Flesh”, the third book in the Darkmourn Universe series, has garnered a 4.5-star rating on Amazon from 319 ratings. Most readers found themselves captivated by the drama, romance, and suspense, leading many to devour the book from start to finish. The descriptive and spicy scenes were praised as impactful and engaging.

Though the majority enjoyed the book, some readers expressed disappointment in not being able to connect with the characters or invest in the story, resulting in an unsatisfactory experience for them. Others mentioned that the first book felt somewhat depressive but acknowledged that subsequent books seemed to portray more realism.

Many fans were delighted with the character dynamics of Calix and Rhory and appreciated the fresh and addictive take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale. Readers also lauded the author’s ability to weave an intriguing plot teeming with unexpected mysteries and felt a strong attachment to the well-crafted characters. Overall, “Alpha of Mortal Flesh” has been deemed a fantastic addition to the Darkmourn Universe series.

Wrapping it up: Conclusion

In conclusion, “Alpha of Mortal Flesh: Darkmourn Universe, Book 3” is a captivating novel that has garnered a 4.5-star rating and amassed 319 total ratings from its readers. Supporters of the book emphasize its engaging plot, suspenseful scenes, and intense emotions. The relatability of protagonist Rhory and the endearing relationship dynamics between him and Calix has also resonated with many fans.

However, some readers found it difficult to connect with the characters and were not as enchanted by the story. Despite these few detractors, the overall consensus is that this sequel surpasses its predecessors in the Darkmourn Universe series.

Eager readers can expect to be immersed in a world of intrigue, mystery, and evolving relationships, leaving them craving more of Ben Alderson’s works in the future. Those who appreciate well-crafted characters and engaging storytelling should definitely consider giving this book a read.