Abandon by Meg Cabot


Abandon Review: Does It Redefine Teen Fantasy?

Exploring the realm of young adult fiction, we recently got our hands on “Abandon,” the first book in Meg Cabot’s Abandon Trilogy. Turning its pages felt like diving into a refreshing take on the Persephone myth, entangled with the complexities of contemporary teenage life.

We were intrigued by the protagonist, Pierce Oliviera, and her interaction with the enigmatic John Hayden. Cabot, known for her captivating stories like The Princess Diaries, once again delivers a mix of suspense and supernatural that kept us turning pages. The world-building is meticulous, and despite the high stakes of Pierce’s encounters with the afterlife, her journey remains relatable, especially for young readers.

Abandon by Meg Cabot

While “Abandon” caters to a younger audience, we found the writing style to be sophisticated enough for adult readers to appreciate the nuances of the characters. The integration of technology like Kindle’s Page Flip and sticky notes feature made our reading experience all the more engaging. Though we missed the benefit of word-wise definitions for challenging vocabulary – something readers looking to expand their lexicon might value – the pacing and plot twists more than compensated.

Bottom Line

“Abandon” is a solid start to a trilogy that combines the allure of ancient myths with the trials of modern teen life.

If you’re drawn to stories that weave fantasy with teenage drama, Cabot’s creation is a must-read. Dive into Pierce Oliviera’s world and discover the mystery that awaits.

Lean into the intrigue and grab your copy of “Abandon” to embark on a thrilling supernatural journey today.

Overview of Abandon

When our team explored “Abandon,” the kickoff to Meg Cabot’s trilogy, we were intrigued by its unique blend of supernatural elements with teenage drama. Holding a solid 4.3-star rating from over 600 total ratings, there’s a consensus that Cabot’s storytelling shines. Our reading experience confirmed that Cabot, renowned for works like “The Princess Diaries,” brings the same engaging narrative style to this series.

We discovered a protagonist, Pierce Oliviera, whose near-death encounter introduces her to a dark and captivating alternate world. While some readers praise the book for its gripping plot and Cabot’s signature enticing prose, others suggest the storyline sometimes deviates from expectations.

Without spoiling the adventure, we can say the story intertwines with themes of life and death in a way that is both fascinating and accessible. The delivery was prompt, aligning with customer reviews that highlight efficient shipping. Ultimately, “Abandon” stands as a testament to Cabot’s ability to craft a narrative that both entertains and engages, though it may not cater to every reader’s taste.

Engaging Reading Experience

Our dive into “Abandon” by Meg Cabot offered a truly absorbing reading experience. The storyline catches you almost immediately, enveloping you in a world where the lead character’s brush with mortality unfolds into an intricate tapestry of fantasy and reality. It’s refreshing to encounter a well-crafted narrative that doesn’t just ride on the coattails of the author’s previous works. Although Cabot is widely recognized for her “Princess Diaries” series, with “Abandon,” she proves her versatility and depth as a storyteller.

We found ourselves invested in the protagonist’s journey, her struggles feeling palpable and her encounters with the enigmatic John adding a layer of mystery. Nonetheless, some readers might find the pacing a tad slow at certain junctures, which detracts from the action-driven moments within the story. This balance, or sometimes the lack thereof, might not resonate with everyone.

Moreover, the book’s physical attributes did not escape our notice. It arrived ahead of schedule, in the condition promised, which speaks well for the distribution side of things. This tangibility, paired with Cabot’s competent prose, renders a page-turner of a tale — one that we enjoyed up to the last page and immediately felt the urge to discuss amongst ourselves, debating the finer points of the narrative arc.

Convenient Digital Format

We recently had the opportunity to cozy up with ‘Abandon’, the first installment of Meg Cabot’s captivating trilogy, and were struck by the convenience of its digital format. Enhanced typesetting and Page Flip features made for a seamless reading adventure, allowing us to immerse ourselves in a world of myth and suspense without the bulkiness of a traditional book. Although Word Wise is not available, this isn’t a significant setback, especially for an audience comfortable with high school-level vocabulary.

Navigating through ‘Abandon’ on our Kindle was a pleasure, thanks to the ability to add sticky notes directly within the text—perfect for those of us who love jotting down thoughts as we read. Plus, without the need for a physical shelf, the Kindle Scribe kept our reading space clutter-free. While the book’s digital essence meant no physical pages to turn, the trade-off for such portability and instant access is more than worth it.

Interactive Reading Features

As we ventured through “Abandon,” we noticed several interactive reading features that truly enhanced our experience. The intuitive navigation allowed us to easily flip back and forth between chapters, which was handy for referencing earlier events in the story. Additionally, the search functionality was a lifesaver for finding specific characters or plot points without the hassle of manual scrolling.

While diving into this digital edition, we appreciated the built-in dictionary. A quick tap on a word and we were greeted with its definition, which was particularly useful for the more obscure mythological references in the book. However, it’s worth mentioning that some interactive elements like X-Ray were not as robust as on other titles, offering less insight into the characters and themes.

Overall, the interactive features of “Abandon” did make our reading more engaging, although a few areas felt slightly underdeveloped when compared to similar ebooks.

Age-Appropriate Content

In our hands-on experience with “Abandon,” we’ve observed that it balances mature themes with accessibility for a younger audience. This novel, penned by the esteemed Meg Cabot, navigates through a narrative designed for a teen and young adult demographic, thoughtfully merging fantastical elements with the coming-of-age genre.

While Cabot is renowned for her work on series like The Princess Diaries, which is often labeled as lighthearted, “Abandon” introduces more complexity. It’s essential for potential readers to recognize that this story might venture into deeper thematic territory. It’s an intriguing exploration for older teens due to its darker undertones and the handling of life-and-death circumstances.

Our impression of the content’s suitability is that it’s a good fit for readers prepared for a story that doesn’t shy away from intense subjects, but does so without being inappropriate for the age group. It offers a gratifying experience for those accustomed to Cabot’s engaging storytelling style while providing a narrative gravity that respects the maturity of its readers.

Pros and Cons

After getting firsthand experience with “Abandon,” we’ve gathered some insights to share that capture what stands out about this novel, both positively and negatively.


  • The storytelling is compelling; Meg Cabot knows how to weave a narrative that keeps you turning pages.
  • Character development is satisfying; as readers, we get to experience the protagonist’s growth in depth.
  • The modern twist on mythological themes gives the book a fresh and imaginative angle.
  • We find the writing style to be fluid and accessible, suitable for a wide range of readers.
  • It serves both as a perfect entry-read into Cabot’s work and a delightful addition for long-time fans.


  • Some plot points may feel predictable to seasoned readers familiar with similar genres.
  • While the introspective quality of the writing is a pro, it may sometimes lead to slower pacing.
  • Readers looking for complex world-building might find the setting a bit lacking.
  • Those not fond of teen angst might find parts of the narrative overly dramatic.
  • “Abandon” could leave you wanting more closure, being the first in a series and ending on a note that strongly sets up the sequel.

Customer Reviews

We’ve had the chance to explore what readers are saying about “Abandon,” and it’s clear that this novel has made quite an impact. With an average rating of 4.3 stars from over 600 ratings, the charm of Meg Cabot’s storytelling seems to be the highlight for many fans. Readers consistently mention that her books, including this one, elevate their mood and offer a reliable literary escape.

That said, while some praise Cabot’s ability to weave a compelling narrative that moves beyond her well-known “Princess Diaries” series, others share a different perspective. There’s a common thread among a handful of readers who have been left underwhelmed, expecting more after reading glowing reviews only to find the book didn’t quite meet their expectations.

Physical aspects like the book’s condition and shipping prompt positive notes, with mentions of the book arriving earlier than anticipated. We noticed that the feedback isn’t purely glowing; critiques are present, which gives a balanced view for potential readers. Overall, “Abandon” stands out as a beloved work to existing fans of Cabot’s writing, while also sparking curiosity in new readers looking for an engaging story.


After spending quality time with “Abandon,” it’s clear why readers may gravitate toward this novel. Meg Cabot’s reputation for crafting engaging stories shines through, creating a mood that lifts spirits and captivates attention. While some might pigeonhole her work as light, she demonstrates a depth that surpasses such limitations. The excitement we felt reading the book is indicative of Cabot’s ability to draw in a varied audience. We noticed the delivery was prompt, and the book matched its description, which speaks to a reliable purchasing experience.

However, our experience wasn’t without drawbacks. Despite the high praise “Abandon” receives, it doesn’t escape the fate that befalls many promising reads; for some of us, it didn’t live up to the hype, leaving a faint trail of disappointment. This reinforces the subjective nature of reading and the importance of managing expectations.

In our view, “Abandon” offers a solid escape into Meg Cabot’s world, even if it doesn’t redefine the genre. We suggest considering your preferences and perhaps sampling a chapter before committing to the trilogy. The book might just be the perfect addition to your collection or a casual read to brighten your day, but as with any novel, personal taste will be the final judge.

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