Autotomy Cocktail by Zachary Ashford

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What a wild ride this story was.

I’ve read a few things by Ashford and the guy just keeps getting better and better (I also had the pleasure and honour of reading his upcoming novella – which is mind-blowing – check that out when it drops).

But we’re here to talk about ‘Autotomy Cocktail’ – our protagonist has a rare ‘wasting’ disease which has left him with a less than cheery outlook on the short life he has left, where he will succumb to his wasting and be in use of a wheelchair and then will inevitably die a slow and painful death. So he results to self experimentation – he becomes his own Walter White and begins to create a concoction that he injects himself with – the cocktail is created using Starfish and Gecko DNA.

The story is off the wall barmy, there are fabulous elements of body horror, gore, the tension and pace in this story are relentless and then there is some mighty fine tentacle Lovecraft moments to enjoy too! What I also love about Ashford’s work is the dialogue between his characters, they are wise cracking smart arses – but the way Ashford writes them you can’t help but have the odd giggle at their jokes and how they treat each other.

A fabulous bit of escapism if you’re after a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously – it’s horror, it’s dark and disturbing and bloody but there is also a huge slice of humour to the tale too!

Autotomy Cocktail is published by Demain Publishing.

Zachary Ashford

Zachary Ashford is the author of Sole Survivor – a novella of drop bear horror from Unnerving – and The Encampment by the Gorge & Blood Memory from Demain. His short fiction has been featured in Dark Moon Digest, the Elements of Horror: Earth anthology, Trickster’s Treats 3 from Things in the Well, and Kyanite Press.

He’s also a feature writer for Ozzy Man Reviews, an occasional blogger and a sometimes copywriter for a rock n roll radio station.

Outside of that, he can be found listening to metal, hanging with his wife and kids, or watching as many schlocky horror films as he can.


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