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We thought we’d share some information with you about resources that are out there for the indie author trying to forge a way through the complex world of self-publishing. We have been working in the indie press scene for a while and with some of our staff (Ross Jeffery) making waves in the indie author scene we thought we’d put together some very cool resources to help you get noticed, help promotion of your works, help to create beautiful looking ebooks and also how to get these into the hands of readers – we don’t know it all but some of these resources listed below are invaluable… so we thought we’d share.


Got yourself a finished book but you don’t know how to get it looking beautiful? Formatting is a massive piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked, getting your formatting just right helps take your brilliant words and gives them a polish. Great looking books (formatting) helps engagement as a reader, and shows readers that you care about what you have put out into the world.

Vellum is a formatting package that helps you do all of that in a few easy steps, it’s so straight forward and easy to use that you’ll be formatting beautiful books in no time – It also produces files in all eBook formats and if you are looking to use KDP – it also produces a print file that works directly with Amazon so once you’ve formatted you’re ready to upload… simple as that!

Check our Vellum here.


Want to create reader magnets – be able to send people your ebooks for free, whilst also creating a solid landing page for people to discover your work?

StoryOriginApp allows you to do all this and more, and the best thing about it, is that it’s currently FREE – yes that’s right! If you want to post a universal book link on social media so that people can buy your work, this website makes it easy for them to be taken to whatever store it is that they can buy it from (say goodbye to being sent to the US Amazon or the UK one – this makes it easy that whatever country you are in you get taken to that store) – this is proven to help sell copies of your book as readers are directed straight to their local store.

Check it out here.


If you’re trying to get yourself some reviews you really need to be making connections with BookTubers – check it out in YouTube by searching BookTubers or BookTube. You will be inundated with a whole host of amazing and talented reviewers who each have their own platform and some of these platforms have literally thousands of subscribers. So if you feel you are flogging a dead horse on social media trying to get your books seen by the masses, just check out BookTube and get thousands of people seeing your work.

You’ll need to do some research yourself as various BookTubers will work pithing certain genres, but it’s easy to do and the most it will cost you is either sending a print copy or an eBook copy. So if you’re willing to invest, trust us you’ll get more bang for your buck! Also note that this is not instantaneous, many BookTubers will have many books and you will need to be prepared to wait, and if you’re waiting there is probably good reason for it, as they are the influential ones you need! Also remember that if a book review comes out months after you sent it to be reviewed this can also help bring your book back into peoples timelines and give the book a much needed lift!

Sticker Mule

We can’t speak highly enough for Sticker Mule. If you’re wanting to get noticed through some awesome giveaway merchandise then this is your one stop shop.

If you’re after some personalised stickers to send out to your supporters, or little free gifts to send along with a book these help your readers get that little bit extra, and trust us they’ll remember it. Trust Sticker Mule to print stickers that will get your brand, product or book noticed! Sticker Mule is so easy to use, just pick your design, upload your images and Sticker Mule will get in contact with you with proof designs and from there you can amend or approve and then within a few days your beautiful stickers arrive.

The quality of these products is absolutely stunning and they will automatically set you apart from the crowd – whether these are stickers are used on laptops, cars, windows, or any other bloody surface… trust us these products will get you noticed.

We’ve also used Sticker Mule to create custom made bookplates for authors, once they’ve arrive just sign and stick them into the front of your book. It makes your book that more special. You can’t beat them on price and quality anywhere online, such stunning quality.

So what you waiting for… head on over to Sticker Mule now, and they always have special offers available.

You can visit Sticker Mule and start creating personalised stickers here.


If you’ve got a lot of social media then Carrd is the thing for you. Instead of listing off all your social media platforms, websites and where people can get your book. Carrd makes it that much easier to have all of that stuff in one place – you just send people your link and when they click on it, all your platforms are accessible in one place. It’s like an electronic business card and is so good for getting your various platforms in one place.

Trust us on this one – this one save you a hell of a lot of time and helps people discover your other accounts.

Check it out here.

We’ll be sharing more with you soon… keep writing and keep getting your work out in the world – the future’s bright, the future’s indie writing and publishing!


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