Scattered Little Pieces by Wayne Fenlon

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Drabbles – A drabble is a short work of fiction of precisely one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.

Drabbles are fiction that is 100 words long. I was first introduced to these by my good buddy Steve Stred a few years ago, and I’ve attempted a few and had a couple published. It’s not as easy as it looks people, it takes great skill, guile and a deft touch to make a memorable story in so few words. It is truly a whole art form in itself.

And Wayne Fenlon is that master craftsman, a true master in this new and very cool art form, his fabulous work collated in this collection cover many genres – he’s the van Gogh of the post-Impressionism, the Caravaggio of the renaissance, the Turner of the romanticism and the Banksy for a new generation… Fenlon has it all, and he offers his all in this striking collection of drabbles.

Scattered Little Pieces has over a hundred drabbles collated within its pages, all of the stories traverse many genres and styles making it an eclectic blend of fiction that makes you laugh, cry, snigger, shrink back in horror, whilst making your jaw hit the floor and have you re-reading stories once you’ve finished a drabble because you can’t believe what Fenlon just did!

Whilst many of the stories do share the same trope of hitting home in the last few words, it’s the wordsmithery by Fenlon that is truly masterful, his selection of words and turn of phrase are to die for (reminding me of John Cooper Clarke).

Fenlon also skilfully and with panache diverts (almost a kind of slight of hand a magician would use) his readers attention or pre-conceived ideas about the story they are reading often and with ease, and this tool makes some of the stories land like a punchline from a professional stand up comic – you were busy thinking one thing and then he shoves something else into your face making you stand back in awe. When these work they work tremendously well – and I was shaking my head at his brilliance and the way he’d duped me into thinking one thing, then sucker punched me again and again.

There were a few stories that I didn’t connect with but with a collection of over a hundred drabbles, that can be forgiven, especially as there are so many that left an impact. My favourite stories in this collection in no particular order are as follows; Monsters, Into The Black, Possession (just cracked me up), Time To Do The Right Thing and my favourite in the collection The Book Restorer.

If you’ve never encountered Drabbles before, well why not start with the very best there is… Scattered Little Pieces by Wayne Fenlon is a masterpiece.  An art form that not many understand or have encountered before. Scattered Little Pieces is priceless for its originality, range and sheer brilliance! If Fenlon can move me in so many ways with 100 words, just imagine what he’s capable of with a longer work – I for one will be purchasing whatever he does next, and so should you!

Scattered Little Pieces is available here.

Wayne Fenlon

Wayne Fenlon lives in Edinburgh.
He loves to read, write and enjoys interactions with like-minded people.
Hit him up on Twitter. He’ll chat with you.

Reviewed by Ross Jeffery


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