Gills by Alpheus Williams

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Zeus, the child of Titans, ate his own and begat new gods.

Some believe the Gills are Science’s revenge for ignoring their warnings. Some say Science genetically engineered them so that a remnant of humanity could survive the great inundations and extremes that resulted from Climate Change.  Some say it was just a natural progression to adapt to the way things became, evolution, classic Darwin, etc. Others say science didn’t have a damned thing to do with it and it is God’s vengeance for those who strived for tolerance and social equity. Still others say bullshit and that God is dead and wasn’t part of the equation. A heated argument followed until someone suggested they call God for an answer.  He didn’t pick up the phone.

It’s academic.  They’re here now.  Gilled, amphibious, syndactyl and predatory.  You can survive if you hear the wet slap of their webbed feet on pavement and run like hell.  You can survive if you’re careful, dispose of your waste and leave no trace of  yourself.  You can survive if you live in a desert environment far away from water.  Gills don’t like deserts and they need enough water to fully immerse themselves to survive.  They can last a few days but then their skin dries up and they wither to a hollow husk.  It’s not pretty.

I know them better than most.  It’s not that I’ve eaten with them or they’re my friends or anything.  I just know how they hunt and how they function.  I’ve studied them from a distance.  Gills don’t trust our custodianship of the planet.  Can’t say I blame them, but they don’t have to hunt us down and eat us. There’s no malice in their actions, it just they prefer to eat humans.  It’s something in their genes.


Alpheus Williams

Alpheus Williams lives and writes in a small coastal village in Australia.

His work has appeared:


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