Vegetable Hall Of Fame by Amy Cameron

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Dear Chairperson,

Firstly my congratulations on your appointment as chairperson of the Vegetable Hall of Fame selection committee. You got my vote and I have every faith that you will step-up to the honour and conduct your role with the utmost professionalism and respect.

Having recently reviewed this year’s shortlist, I am once again deeply disheartened to find the absence of my personal nomination – baby corn. While I appreciate that carrots, squash and the humble onion all have their merits and are worthy of the award, I feel it is my duty to make a case for, what is in my opinion, the most magnificent vegetable of all time.

Baby corn, also known as baby sweetcorn, young corn or cornlets, is a versatile, nutritious and pleasant tasting vegetable. It provides a crunch to dishes and is easily cooked without losing its snap or developing a mush-like texture. It is quick to prepare, with no skin to peel or seeds to remove and produces no waste for your compost bin.

Baby corn is high in fibre and very nutrient dense – providing generous helpings of vitamin a, iron and vitamin c. It is a rich source of folates which are important to the diet of pregnant woman. Some may say that it is an ‘all-rounder’.

While I accept the argument that it is not perhaps the ‘greenest’ vegetable in terms of its carbon footprint; on my last reading of the criteria for the Vegetable Hall of Fame this was not yet a point to be considered. Should it be added in the future, I will reconsider my nomination.

Another common point against the baby corn is its price. Baby corn is, quite literally, the baby of corn. To harvest it requires picking small, unripe ears of corn and then removing them from their husks. This has to be done almost entirely by hand which is time consuming and costly for the farmers and increases the price. In this case and in many others, you get what you pay for. Perhaps to some it is not an everyday vegetable, but again that does not lessen its quality as a vegetable in general.

While I will continue to support the organisation and will of course attend the ceremony for the selected vegetable this year, I will not be placing a vote and will continue to work to promote the cause of my chosen plant.

Thank you for reading.

Yours sincerely,

Bay. B. Cornaddict


Amy Cameron

Amy is a teacher and lives in the Highlands of Scotland with her husband, son and tortoise. She writes poetry and prose which are observational and mildly funny, in her opinion. She tweets @AmyOCameron

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