Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors By Elias Pell

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In a time where the outside world reflects a dystopian landscape akin to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, sometimes it’s nice to escape into the mind palace with a fantasy story that is endearing to the soul. Elias Pell’s debut novel, Steggie Belle & The Dream Warriors is a welcome and refreshing YA take on the genre, evoking memories of The Never Ending Story and Alice in Wonderland.

Elias Pell creates a vivid landscape with Steggie Belle and The Dream Warriors, and is a mesmerising and beautiful book that puts a unique spin on a familiar tale. It’s a great pleasure of falling down the rabbit hole of Pell’s imagination, a shimmering place rich in alarming detail and appealing characters. Steggie Belle is an unmissable experience.

Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors is out now!

Published by candlelight—surrounded by chanting Druids—at midnight on Summer Solstice 2020, this is Elias Pell’s debut novel. A semi-autobiographical YA Fantasy which delves behind the world we know, or like to tell ourselves we know.

“What if our understanding of dreams is just a poor reflection of another place… a real place?”

During a storm, a man who calls himself Zoofall has barricaded himself inside an attic. He has only seven candles worth of time to reveal his extraordinary secrets. How, when he was a child, he discovered the existence of a wild other world, where Reality and Mythology meet, beyond the limits of Lucid Dreaming. Before the candles burn out and Zoofall is forced to face the nightmarish demons of his past, he hurriedly explains how, through many missions, he tried to unravel the terrifying mysteries of this dream world.

As a boy, after a freak accident results in him making an unusual acquaintance, a lengthy initiation follows, and Zoofall finally finds himself welcomed into a group of other young dreamers—who call themselves the Freedivers. They teach him hidden truths and the long-forgotten, true history of humankind. Of how the dream and waking worlds, although now separated, were once united as one, until the “cross-overs” began. They show him that the stuff of ancient myths and fairy tales, of folklore and urban legends have never been imaginary at all. These beings had simply migrated for their own safety, away from the waking world, and that these “crossings” are by no means one-way.

In a race against time, Zoofall must figure out if his own unusual powers make him a possible saviour or a dangerous burden. As dark forces rise up, threatening to engulf their
group, he must uncover the greatest mystery of all. Who their incredible leader, Steggie Belle, really is, how she became so powerful, and if by any chance she can be saved?

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Elias Pell

Elias Pell is a London born poet, writer, lifelong daydreamer and Lucid Dreamer.

After drifting briefly in and out of University, Elias decided to travel and found he had an uncanny knack for getting himself into unusual situations. Several years and many adventures later, Elias returned to London where, at the age of twenty-seven, he published a book of poetry, buried his backpack at the back of the wardrobe, and attempted to settle down. When this eventually failed, Elias felt a strong need to cleanse himself of such “sensible aspirations”.

So, in 2012, he embarked on a crazy mission: camping and sleeping “rough”—in some highly questionable places—while walking over 1,500 miles barefoot, raising money for charity. It was during these months when Elias decided Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors was a story that needed telling. While recovering from the injuries incurred, Elias Pell came up with a reasonably rational plan—by his standards. And four and a half years later, having knuckled down, working and saving every penny he could, he retreated to focus full-time on his life’s true passion: writing.

Disguised as an adult (children have somehow always been able to see through this facade) Elias left England in 2016 and never looked back. Since then, he has won AudioArcadia’s International Short Story Competition (2018), and earlier this year published a collection of short stories for adults, entitled Scapegoats & Crowbars.

Elias is currently working on the sequel to Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors—yes, there is a sequel, and possibly even more to come—alongside other exciting new writing projects.

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