ANNIHILATION RADIATION: Shortlist Announcement

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We are pleased to commence announcing the shortlisted authors and winners of the ANNIHILATION RADIATION Short Story Competition.

After much deliberation and debate, over the course of the next eighteen days, we will be announcing the entrants who were selected for inclusion in the shortlist, followed by confirmation of the three winners. Every day at 1pm a new author and the title of their story will be added to the below list, so remember to check back for further updates.

And now…in no particular order…we present the shortlist for the Annihilation Radiation Short Story Competition…

by S.O Green

by Gráinne Faller

by Alicia Hilton

Cassia Littler


For more information about Annihilation Radiation you can peruse the below…

“I’m recording this, because this could be the last thing I’ll ever say. The city I once knew as home is teetering on the edge of radioactive oblivion. A 300,000 thousand degree baptism by nuclear fire.

I’m not sorry.

We had it coming.”

– John Carpenter (Narration) –
GUNSHIP  – Tech Noir 

Greetings, vault dwellers! Welcome to STORGY’s annual short story competition – last year we delved into the macabre sinister town of Shallow Creek, and this year we’re looking at the Annihilation of the world. So get your hazmat suits at the ready, because we’re switching on the Geiger counters and getting locked and loaded for whatever mutated abomination scuttles towards our fortified base!

So what exactly is Annihilation Radiation?

We’re looking to put together an anthology consisting of the best irradiated stories involving the Annihilation of the world. Think Mad Max, The Road, The Book of Eli, Snowpiercer, World War Z, I Am Legend, The Hunger Games, Stake Land, 12 Monkeys and Escape from New York all rolled into one gigantic apocalyptic burrito. We’ll be looking to slice the anthology into THREE sections: BEGINNING, DURING and AFTER. We’re looking for original stories that inspire YOU based on the genre of Annihilation, but don’t think we’re just looking for bleak, melodramatic stories. Oh no! Let’s see those comedic chops in action, or how about a love story set in the irradiated wastelands? Have a fast paced thriller you’ve been saving for such an occasion? Let us know! The decision is up you, my fellow wastelanders!

Panic in the streets. Apartments on fire. And look, it’s raining cats and dogs. Venkman was right. YOUR story will be set before the Annihilation of the world. Secret lovers meeting for one last rendezvous…a family trying to escape the city…a group of teens trying to figure out why they’re starting to grow new appendages…psychic abilities due to contaminated waters…we’re looking for ORIGINAL stories set before the apocalypse. If you decide to enter the competition, you’ll be randomly given one of the three scenarios. Just remember my little mutated marauder – we’re looking for deep layered characters and a good pace. Don’t be mediocre. Be shiny and chrome.

You really get to know a person by the decisions they make in times of strife. We think the Annihilation of the world will test people’s mettle. Courageous acts…or cowardly ones – we want to hear them all. I heard a rumour that this all could have been prevented, if it wasn’t for that one guy who was shaking uncontrollably when he was transporting the top secret radiated phials to the UK. Or there’s been rumours that all this started on a 747 bound for Australia. Whatever the cause – the stories we’re looking for during this crisis is of utmost importance. If you decide to enter the competition, you’ll be randomly given one of the three scenarios. Just remember my little hunter gatherer – not all survivors will be as generous with their diminishing food supplies…

It could be 2019…or 2077 – all we know is that something really bad happened. The air turned poisonous…or did the seas dry up? Come to think of it, did the bombs actually drop? Or was there another cause to the Annihilation? It gets foggy in this old brain of mine…whatever the cause, we’re surviving. And as an extra bonus, I’ve started growing an extra limb! Makes it fine and dandy to scavenge for food in the wasteland. If you decide to enter the competition, you’ll be randomly given one of the three scenarios. Just remember my little scuttling scavenger, you’ve got an 8,000 word limit. Make ’em count!

The Period for Submissions is closed


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