For Your Consideration: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson & Keanu Reeves by Tres Dean

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This is an unusual pair of short books, revering the talents of Hollywood actors, Dwayne Johnson and Keanu Reeves specifically; however there are more available in the series.

They are fun to read and you easily can dip in and out of them.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

There is an interesting historical part of this book exploring the history and American Sociology of the ‘Action Hero’ and how it has evolved. Starting with the Strong Male, heterosexual, muscular hero and linking the ideal man to differing actors & roles to time in American History. These include: Steve McQueen and John Wayne to Vietnam War, Stallone and Schwarzenegger pitching themselves against the Russians with reference to the The Cold War. Then it interestingly examines more recent times such as Bruce Willis, Will Smith and then after 911 with Jason Bourne franchise. Finally then we come to Fast & Furious and Dwayne Johnson himself – A family guy ready to save the world. His movies are action packed, fast and fun, as the audience know he will ultimately win and go home happy!

The book then becomes more conventional exploring all things Johnson, from starting out to being the ‘traditional’ strong male voice in Moana and then ultimately Fast Furious.

This book is a definite for all ‘The Rock’ fans out there. It also explores his personality, facts and famous quotes from films he has starred in. and  looks in detail at his Best bits of his career, it is written in a quirky and funny way, which is entertaining and interesting in equal measure.

Keanu Reeves

Written in a similar way, this books looks at Keanu when he was a young actor trying to get his break. It investigates the opportunities he is offered including Rivers Edge and Dangerous Liasions. Interestingly though, this book also highlights the negative press Keanu received early on in his career,  until ultimately his part in  ‘Speed’ was the turning point for him. It was thought ‘The Matrix’ that granted him the positive acclaims he desperately was looking for and deserved.

Keanu then went on to take on many of the most serious of acting, such as Hamlet & Much Ado About Nothing to name but a few.

He continues to be a popular actor proven to be a best seller. This book is interesting and funny and again ideal for Reeves’s fans out there, where they can immerse themselves in all things Keanu.

These books are published by Quirk Books and are available here.

Tres Dean

Tres Dean is a culture and comics writer. He has written extensively about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson online and has been published by GQ, Paste, Syfy,, UPROXX, IGN, Looper, and more. For Your Consideration: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is is his first book.

Reviewed by Amanda Brightman


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