Lady of Shadows by Breanna Teintze

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The next adventure for Corcoran Gray and Brix awaits.  After Corcoran was consumed by an old wizard’s body – supposedly Lord Jaern in the first novel, here they are again. Now the pair go to visit an acquaintance, Jaliseth after Gray needs some Wardstones, to silence his nightmares when he sleeps and to stop his deep secrets escaping.

When they arrive something is amiss, Jaliseth will help Corcoran but also wants something in return: To find what evil is making her ill? Gray uses a spell to try to help, but during this The Guild interfere and all three are caught, but not killed- why?

Dace a Guild Examiner and Leader needs Gray’s help. There is a plague, infecting and killing people many within the Guild. It is evil magic of some kind, or a curse but no one knows.  Gray & Brix under guard and without much choice, are persuaded to help.

Jailseth though, is kept closely guarded as The Guild think she is the source of the evil.

Gray and Brix travel under guard, with Dace to Genereth- a fort town which holds many memories for Brix. Gray is desperately worried about her and thinks she may already be infected with the plague. Gray is also ‘haunted’ by a woman Moyra, who enters his dreams and appears to want to help – is she dead or a ghost?

Gray, Brix and Dace go on a dark and mystic quest trying to catch the organiser of the plague, whilst duelling with each other? Will they survive to then be able to free the people from this curse!

Breanna Teintze has an amazing ability to re-immerse you into Corcoran Gray’s world, a troubled wizard, who always tries to protect whom and what he holds close. The author has an exceptional ability to create fabulous deep three dimensional complicated characters and she makes it difficult for the reader and primarily Gray to be able to decide who is a friend or foe.

Lady of the Shadows is an excellent sequel to Lord of Secrets and does not disappoint in any way. I enjoyed every minute and couldn’t wait to see how the adventures and relationship of the Protagonist develops. Gray and Brix adventures are convoluted and complex, with new friends and enemies also becoming embroiled in their adventure.

This is the follow up book to Lord Of Secrets but also could easily be enjoyed as a stand-alone book. I loved it and would encourage anyone to read Breanne Teintze’s work.

Lady of Shadows is published by Jo Fletcher Books and is available here.

Breanna Teintze

Breanna Teintze is a registered nurse, who writes (well) and gardens (badly). She lives in Idaho with her husband, where she homeschools her three kids and polishes swords. Her novel, Lord of Secrets, will be published by Jo Fletcher Books in 2019.

Reviewed by Amanda Brightman

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