Million Eyes: Extra Time by C.R. Berry

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Wow, what a ride! That is the first thing I think of after reading Million Eyes: Extra Time by C.R.Berry. This compilation of short stories is set in the universe of Time Travel where conspiracies are explained through the lens of time travelers changing time to suit their purpose. It is part of a trilogy whose first book will appear in 2020 and I know I will certainly want to dive more into that world.

It was for me like a drug. I had to know more about the stories. Most events in the book are events we have all heard about, well unless we live under a rock. From the assassination of JFK, the accident that claimed the life of Lady Diana, to the rumors of Elizabeth I, Queen of England, being a man, and a few more. All are being explained through the eyes of conspiracies being true and time travel having a hand into it all. There are also events that are talked about that have not even happened, but in a way, we would love to see true, like how the Loch Ness monster came into existence from a future far from here, that at the same time effected our past.

It is all very interesting and compelling at the same time. I know I was not able to put this book down, and when I had to do so, it was always in my head as I remembered about the conspiracies I had heard over the years and how they were so well knitted into the narrative of this book. While reading it, we forget that it is fantasy and it becomes so real in this book. And when I would stop reading, reality would set in and it always seemed crueler than what was in that book.

I adore how this book was written. It is so easy to get into the story that we forget that there is a chance it never happened the way that it is said in the book, or has it not? A true gem to read for all lovers of conspiracies that I highly recommend to all.

Million Eyes: Extra Time is published by Elsewhen Press and is available here.

C.R. Berry

C.R. Berry caught the writing bug at the tender age of four and has never recovered. His earliest stories were filled with witches, monsters, evil headteachers, Disney characters and the occasional Dalek. He realised pretty quickly that his favourite characters were usually the villains. He wonders if that’s what led him to become a criminal lawyer. It’s certainly why he’s taken to writing conspiracy thrillers, where the baddies are numerous and everywhere.

After a few years getting a more rounded view of human nature’s darker side, he quit lawyering and turned to writing full-time. He now works as a freelance copywriter and novelist and blogs about conspiracy theories, time travel and otherworldly weirdness.

He was shortlisted in the 2018 Grindstone Literary International Novel Competition and has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies, including Storgy, Dark Tales, Theme of Absence and Suspense Magazine. He was also shortlisted in the Aeon Award Contest, highly commended by Writers’ Forum, and won second prize in the inaugural To Hull and Back Humorous Short Story Competition.

He grew up in Farnborough, Hampshire, a town he says has as much character as a broccoli. He’s since moved to the “much more interesting and charming” Haslemere in Surrey.

Reviewed by Sandra Hould

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