STORGY Flash Fiction Competition 2019


Flash Fiction Competition 2019

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our second Flash Fiction Competition which is due to open for entries on 8th July 2019. We would like to encourage all authors with a passion for flash to enter (even those on low or no income – see details below – we got you covered).

The 2019 STORGY FLASH FICTION COMPETITION will not focus on a specific theme or genre – and there is good reason for this – we want you to write with freedom and produce your best work – so write what you love and blow our fragile little brains with your flash fiction beauties!

The Period for Submissions opens on 8th July 2019

1st Prize
£100 + STORGY Gift Bundle

2nd Prize
STORGY Gift Bundle

3rd Prize
STORGY Gift Bundle

The shortlisted Flash Fiction entries will be published in a STORGY BOOKS Chap Book which will be available for purchase on – all shortlisted authors included in the printed chap book will receive two free copies.

– £5 Entry Fee – 

Entry Dates

  • Submissions for the STORGY Flash Fiction Competition 2019 will be accepted from 8thJuly 2019
  • The deadline for receipt of entries is 11:59pm on the 31stAugust 2019

How to Enter

Applicants are encouraged to submit online via Submittable as early as possible before the deadline.

Instructions for Entering

1) Type and format the short story as per the following instructions: Save as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) with the story title in the file name.

  • You can submit multiple works of flash but would need to pay £5 per story submitted (each story must be submitted separately if you choose to send in multiple flash fictions).
  • Written in English
  • A maximum of 500 words (excluding title)
  • Typed
  • Font: Garamond, 12pt, black
  • Double spaced
  • Please do not put your name on the story as these are to be judged blind – but please include all relevant details on your cover note through submittable.

2) Save as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) with story title in the file.

3) Visit the STORGY Submittable Page via the following link (click on the logo below to be taken to our submittable page):

4) Select the STORGY Flash Fiction Competition 2019 form, enter your details, attach your entry, pay, and submit.

5) Optional, but you’ll be loved forever – ‘like’ our Facebook page & ‘follow’ our Twitter and Instagram accounts where we will post regular updates – also please share the details of the competition with friends and writers on social media – lets make this a party where everyone’s invited.

Please Note

Entries not submitted in accordance with the Entry Instructions and Entry terms and Conditions will not be eligible for consideration.

Entry Terms and Conditions

1) All entries will be read by at least two (2) STORGY Editors and a longlist will be produced, which will then be followed by a shortlist of those exceptional Flash Fiction pieces – the winner and two runners up will be selected from this shortlist.

2) 1st place award is worth £100 and a STORGY Gift Bundle.

3) 2nd place award is a STORGY Gift Bundle.

4) 3rd place award is a STORGY Gift Bundle.

5) The shortlisted stories will be included in a chap book which will be printed and made available to purchase through – the winning story will also be published exclusively on STORGY.COM the day the winners are announced. (if you are on the shortlist please do not post your stories online – as we would love this chapbook to exclusively showcase your brilliant words!)

6) If you do not make the shortlist – you are able to submit your story elsewhere after the competition.


1) The Award is open to all and we encourage writers from various ethnic backgrounds to enter.

2) The story must not contain more than 500 words (not including title).

3) The entry must be submitted by the author or his/her representative.

4) Authors can submit more than one story but they would need to submit them separately and pay an entry fee for each (£5 each story).

5) Authors can only enter individually and not as part of a writing team.

6) The story entered must be unpublished.

7) The story submitted must be original, fictional, and entirely the author’s own work.

8) Entries are limited to stories written in English.

Copyright and Terms of Use

By submitting a story for the award the entrant hereby acknowledges and agrees that the winning or any other shortlisted story will be published free of any fees or royalty payments – whilst allowing STORGY Books the exclusive first print rights in chap book.

After this limited print run (each shortlisted author included will receive two free copies) all rights return to the author – but if the story is published elsewhere in the future we would love to be noted as the place it was first published.


The STORGY Flash Fiction Competition 2019 will be looking for the best new writing and will consider all entries on the basis of quality and originality of prose and narrative voice. The Award aims to support excellence in the Flash Fiction form.

Judging of the Award will be as follows:

  • All entries will be read by STORGY editors against the Award criterion and a longlist identified and shared on STORGY.COM and via our social media channels – please do not identify your story during this period as it is still being judged blind.
  • A shortlist will be created from the Longlist a week later – which will be followed the following week by our winner’s announcement.
  • Shortlisted and winning writers will be contacted personally.
  • The voting outcome is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


We aim to have the longlist published on on the 16thSeptember 2019

The shortlist will be published on the 23rd of September 2019

The winning story and two runners up will be announced on the 30thSeptember 2019

FREE Entry Terms & Conditions

Free entry to the STORGY Flash Fiction Competition 2019 is offered to writers on a low/no-income who receive Unemployment Benefits, Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment Compensation, or other state/authorised body aid.

To apply, email with the email subject line ‘STORGY Flash Fiction Competition 2019 Free Entry Application’.

In the body of the email please include:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • A short written statement detailing your eligibility for free entry.

Applications for free entries will be open throughout the competition. Eligible applicants will be granted free entry on a first-come first-served basis and all applicants will be informed about the success of their application. Only one free entry will be granted per free applicant. Applicants must not submit to the STORGY Flash Fiction Competition until they are invited to do so as this will need to be sent to a different mailbox.

STORGY will not grant refunds on already paid-for entries.

STORGY Gift Bundle

One (1) Copy of The EXIT EARTH Anthology

One (1) Copy of The SHALLOW CREEK Anthology

Two (2) Copies of The Flash Fiction Chap Book

One (1) Tote Bag

One (1) Set of Horror Bookmarks

One (1) Set of Dystopia Bookmarks

(RRP of all items in STORGY Gift Bundle: £45.94)

Our first Flash Fiction Prize winner

– Adam Lock –

Adam won STORGY’s very first first Flash Fiction Competition with his brilliant and delicately balanced ‘Knight Fork‘ which you can read here.

So what are you waiting for…get writing people!

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