2 Days to go for Shallow Creek Crowdfunder

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You may be aware that during the last few weeks our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@morestorgy) has been spamming a certain anthology we’re going to be releasing early next year.

Shallow Creek will be a speculative fiction anthology with some of the field’s newest voices in the field, alongside masters of the genre. At the start of November we launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the funds to bring Shallow Creek to print – originally the plan was to release an e-book but the stories were so damn good that we thought we would be doing the writers a disservice if we simply opted for the digital version. Also, we love the feeling of holding a physical book, smelling the pages like an over-zealous stalker rifling through our unrequited love’s pantie drawer.

We were happy to announce that within the first week of launching the Kickstarter campaign we hit our target of three thousand, five hundred pounds. In fact, we were ecstatic. We were so humbled by the support that Shallow Creek received that we contacted some notable authors to see if they would visit the town that sleeps with one eye open and we were fortunate enough to have Sarah Lotz, Aliya Whiteley and Richard Thomas contribute to the anthology. That’s 21 stories, alongside some fantastic artwork by Michael To and HarlotVonCharlotte.

With 2 days to go, we’re four hundred pounds away from reaching our final stretch goal. There’s some fantastic pledge prizes to receive, and we have some exclusive news: If you pledge forty pounds or more you’ll get 11 digital issues from Gamut Magazine featuring a plethora of fantastic writers. That’s a HEAP of exceptional reading material (worth $120) and Richard Thomas has kindly helped STORGY boost our crowdfunder with this limited offer.

So we would be delighted if you would check out our Kickstarter page and see if there’s anything there that you might like the look of. There’s LOADS of bespoke made pledge rewards, including Horror themed bookmarks made by the lovely Amie Dearlove, exclusive Shallow Creek T-shirts with artwork by Michael To, tote bags and of course, the book itself.

Remember, you can also immortalise yourself in the town of Shallow Creek – have your name on the map of the town that will be at the front of the book…or join the STORGY team for a few drinks and a slap up meal. So what are you waiting for? Join us in celebrating next year’s best speculative fiction anthology (so we say.)





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