FICTION: 13Dark Issue #2 Cursed Crossings

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13Dark Issue #2 Cursed Crossings is officially out in the world!
The darkness has been unleashed from the minds of four writers… Will you follow them on their Cursed Crossing to territories dark and unknown?
†3Dark is a project that aims to publish radical fiction by both new and established voices. Joseph Sale is the editor and values art over commercial appeal, deep understanding over zeitgeists. The stories here do not conform to standard publishing lengths and play with structure in compelling ways. The †3Dark work explores the bigger questions of reality: the spiritual, other worlds, who we are, what is our purpose, is there such a thing as good and evil, and if there is: is the dark side stronger? †3Dark’s first issue was praised for the quality of its production and stories. We’re very proud of that. Our second issue looks to be even better, with incredible tales from Andy Cashmore, Anthony Self,  Christa Wojciechowski and Richard Thomas! 
Don’t believe us? Well, check out this review of our first issue from the great Eden Royce, guru of Southern Gothic fiction and author of Spook Lights 1 & 2 :
“While this project had to change from its original concept of 13 individual stories, released separately, the final product is no less stunning. And it holds fast to its original promise of story theme: Light and dark. Sacred and profane. Comprised of short dark stories by three authors, each with an intro by editor Joseph Sale, †3 Dark also gives each tale searingly gorgeous artwork packaged with an eerie cover”
– Eden Royce
The second issue has some 41,000 words of fiction! Appetite still not whetted enough? Here is our blurb:
A young man meets a charismatic stranger who invites him to become a member of the Conviction Club, a thief makes a voyage across a dangerous ocean whilst a killer picks off their fellow passengers, an unscrupulous character makes their final delivery run before they must leave the country for good, an email arrives, this one phishing for more than just money…
CURSED CROSSINGS is the second installment of 13Dark, a publication dedicated to showcasing writers committed to exploring dark, spiritual themes. Reworking horror, fantasy and much more, these stories will get to the heart of the big questions about our existence. Featuring four long tales from exceptional voices in the field, CURSED CROSSINGS is a dark journey like never before.
Both Issue #1 and #2 are available now. You can order your copy of the paperback:
There is also a 10% discount code, if you use LULU10 at checkout!
People can get digital editions by contributing 6$ to the mindflayer and making the request:

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