SHALLOW CREEK Short Story Competition: LONGLIST

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We are pleased to announce the long list of the SHALLOW CREEK Short Story competition

In Alphabetical order, the long-listed finalists are:


Nick Adams
– Tide –

Erik Bergstrom
The Soil of Stonier Hearts

 Simon Billinton
– Blood Moon Bob –

Daniel Carpenter
– Arrowhead

Marion Coleman
– Anchor –

J. Stuart Croskell
– Dave Danver’s Final Foray into All Things Woo Woo

Heather Cuthbertson
– Secret Ingredient

Andrea Hardarker
– The Fulmar’s Cry

Eleanor Hickey
– Strange Brew –

David Hartley
– Pentameter

Tom Heaton
– Janet’s Vision of Love

Allyson Kersel
– Knock, Knock, Knucklebone

Adam Lock
– And The World Fades to Black

Alice Noel
– Behind These Eyes

Ian Steadman
– We Live In The Dirt

Adrian J. Walker
– Backwards

Gregg Williard
– The Lurid Trance

Brian Wilson
– Distraction


Congratulations to everyone who made the final long-list and thank you all who entered the Shallow Creek competition!

It’s truly been a pleasure to read all the stories that came through – we hope you had as much fun writing them and creating the inner world of Shallow Creek as we did making the external one for you to travel around in!


The Short List will be published on Friday 12th October.

Naomi Booth (Sealed) will then judge the short listed entries and we will announce 1st, 2nd and 3rd place writers on 21st October.

We hope that even if you didn’t make the long list, you’ll still support the writers and the campaign as we make our way to find out who the champion of Shallow Creek will be!

Who knows…Mallum Colt may even throw a party and invite everyone involved…

Mallum Colt04

Mallum wants to know what you think of The Shallow Creek Competition! If you have any queries or want to tweet about anything regarding Shallow Creek, you can catch him at:

Twitter: @ColtMallum


He’s waiting for your messages!


You can also check out Naomi Booth’s exciting and eerie novel, Sealed – available at Dead Ink Books website:

And guess what? It’s only been nominated for the Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize!

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