Shallow Creek Update (1/10/18)

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*From the pages of Mallum Colt’s journal*

Well Hello there, my little writing ghoulies,

I’ve been nestled at the back of my curiosity shop busily reading all your entries during the month of September, and have some very exciting news for you all.

The Shallow Creek anthology has locked in its blood curdling stories. What does this mean? I hear you cry. Well, my little fiendish friends, let me draw ever so closer and whisper the following into those pretty, budding ears of yours:

On Friday 5th October, those grubby minions from STORGY will be releasing the names and story titles of the long-listed entries that have made it into the pages of my Shallow Creek tome. I would advise that you make a note of this date and log onto at 12.00pm (GMT) to see the list of those lucky souls that have genuinely electrified me with some devilishly spooky tales of my little town.

Even if you haven’t made the long-list, please allow me to take the time now to commend you all on such an arduous task that was bestowed on you. You may have received a character, location or item that initially stumped you, but ALL the stories had imagination, creativity and originality – It’s been a real delight to read stories with such passion and zeal, so you should all give yourselves a gargantuan pat on the back. And now you also have a macabre tale that you can add to your hopefully ever growing list of speculative fiction.

I would ask that you continue to support the Shallow Creek competition, as we’ll be looking to produce a limited paperback edition for purchase from STORGY – and you’ll be able to read the dark, twisted tales to your heart’s delight…

On the 12th October, STORGY will be releasing the short listed entries, which will then be sent to Naomi Booth (Sealed) who will judge the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. On the 21st STORGY will announce the winners!

I hope you’ve all had as much fun writing these spooktacular stories as I’ve had reading them – and they’ll be more news to follow, but if you have any queries please send them to my email address: – and I’ll do my utmost to get back to you as soon as possible.

Support independent writers, join me and the folks over at STORGY on our social media and spread the glorious, twisted word!



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