FICTION: What They Wanted by Andrew Miller

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William and Sherry

It was his idea; hefoundthe websites, downloaded and studied the information, made an appointment at the fertility clinic. He even went with her, met the staff, took the tour, watched the video.

The doctor saidthat that her best chances of getting pregnant would be to have sex right before the egg was released. He explained that her Basal Body Temperature would go up half a degree about twelve hours after she ovulated. They should record her BBT every morning for several months so they could predict when heregg would beready.

The doctor told him to go deep and stay inside for a long time after he ejaculated. It would help if she had an orgasm.Also, boy sperms swam faster than girl sperms, but girl sperms lived longer. She might have a girl if they had sex several days beforeshe ovulated.If they waited until her egg was released, she’d be more likely to have a boy.

That’s what he wanted.

He recorded her BBT each morning in a blue notebook.

He read that three sexual positions—the turtle, the anvil, and the jockey—were best for getting pregnant. He showed her the pictures, told her that she could choose the position.

One day he looked at the calendar. Its time, he thought. On the way home from work he picked upa bottle of Shiraz, fresh brie, rye crackers, red grapes. He hurriedhome, gave her a hug and a kiss, poured the wine, unwrapped the food, laid out napkins, lit the candles.She satnext to him on the couch, stared at the food and wine.

Silence settled between them, cool, white, soft as cotton.

Henry and Joanne

It was her idea, she wanted the baby, she made the appointment at the fertility clinic.

He drove her, shook hands with the director, the other doctors, took the tour, watched the video. The doctor explained that her Basal Body Temperature would go up about half a degree twelve hours after her egg was released. They had to measure her BBT every morning. Then they could predict exactly when she would ovulate. Then they should have intercourse.

Boy sperms swam faster than girl sperms, but girl sperms lived longer. She didn’t care about that; she just wanted a baby.

He was in the kitchen one Saturday morning when she yelled, “Hey—it’s time. We gotta do it.”

He texted Max and Phil that he’d be a late, then shucked off his clothes, climbed into bed with her.

When he was done she said, “Get off, I have to stick this pillow under my ass.”

“Okay,” he said.

When he met the guys at the ball field, they asked how his day was going.

“Good, real good,” he said.


Andrew Miller


Andrew Miller retired from a career that included university teaching and research in endangered species and aquatic habitat restoration. Now he has time to pursue his long-held interest in creative writing. Recent work has appeared in: Literally Stories, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Gravel: A Literary Journal, Storgy, Front Porch Review, Dime Show Review, Typehouse Literary Magazine, and Shantih Journal.

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