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So, my little putrid jellyfishes, I do sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend. In Shallow Creek the weather was blisteringly hot, so hot in fact that the devil himself was sat somewhere wondering how he could change his ways for the better. The residents of Shallow Creek were all out in force with their best BBQ gear! It appears that word of my little writing excursion into the heart of Shallow Creek has spread far and wide – I’ve had a plethora of writers joining me for a nice drop of Chianti at my curiosity shop before receiving their welcome packs, so I thought it only customary to start a little blog on to keep you all updated with the latest news and events in our quaint town.

Some people have been asking me if their writing has to be horror-related, to which I reply with a mirthful glint, ‘No.’ Please don’t think that Shallow Creek at its essence is a mere vortex of depravity and squishy things – we’ve also been known for strange and beautiful tales of the unexpected – so keep that in mind when venturing out to Devil’s Gorge or visiting Arkady Asylum, it isn’t just the things that go bump in the night that I’m interested in reading.

On another note, I sent one of my minions (i.e. shop assistant Tomek Dzido) outside of Shallow Creek this weekend to explore Leeds for the Northern Short Story festival, where the STORGY team had a stall and were talking all things dystopian and macabre. It’s not often that I allow Tomek outside of the town, so if you spotted a man with a beard and hat, looking confused and scratching his head from time to time, you would know you found my knucklehead assistant. Just think of him as Igor to my Doctor Frankenstein.

I wonder who that sexy beast of a man is? Bookmarks, Bookmarks, Bookmarks

Suffice to say, Igor…uuuuh, I mean Tomek did a fantastic job, representing those cretins @morestorgy with ample decorum. If you’d like to get your hands on the EXIT EARTH anthology, then you can visit STORGY’s online shop here.

As the following weeks progress, I will be updating this blog with many facts about the town of Shallow Creek and some interesting nuggets of information about some of the characters that reside there. But for now, I shall leave you with an image of our judge, Naomi Booth – writer of SEALED – with the festival’s mascot, Boo.

We also have an Owl at Shallow Creek…well, when I say Owl, I mean more of a hybrid spliced DNA monstrosity that had to be put down rather quickly when its creator, Dr. Ingram – got carried away with genetic manipulation…but I found the poor bugger and had him stuffed. He now adorns one of the walls in the Taxidermy section of my little curiosity shop. I call him Steve. Ta-ta for now, my little sugar-pie squealers!

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