FILM REVIEW: Deadpool 2

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If you’ve seen the first Deadpool you’ll be more than aware of what to expect this time round. The Anti-Hero will deliver satire and stabbings in equal measure. Deadpool 2 is based at a much slower pace than the original, but this allows for a much closer look under the hood at the main characters, both new and returning. Ryan Reynolds, the world’s most beautiful man (not up for debate) returns for his third stab as the mercurial masked man and wastes no time in breaking the fourth wall and ripping any time lines and trademarked properties from any franchise to pieces. With Deadpool onscreen there is no safe place in any universe.

The narrative in Deadpool 2 is primarily set up (as you’ll be told) as a family story and families are… well…complicated. Building a brand new team of superheroes to take down the maniacal Cable, played by the (arguably undersized) Josh Brolin, who is excellent  as the Brooding Future Soldier and more than a match for Wade who is struggling to get his heart in the right place.


After such a long wait for the sequel, I was so excited to see that I was at one of the first viewings available, but I didn’t quite know what to expect either. The original was a pulsating action film littered with pop culture references that would leave Tom Holland’s Spiderman speechless and had a  jammed in love story to give the reason for DP to become a hero in the first place. The sequel is much the same deal; it’s pretty much the same jokes from the same characters a lot of the time. Now, usually I would criticise the unimaginative script here but as you‘ll see the writers are very much self-critical and call themselves out before anyone even gets a chance. They are very lucky that the humour, although recycled for the most part is still hilarious and the film will have even the most dull humoured person chuckling at points.

Visually the sequel holds firm with the first, although there are times when the CGI is painfully obvious. As mentioned earlier, the pacing of the film seems markedly slower than the original and while that does elevate it slightly as it doesn’t hop around so much as the first film, you are pretty much with Deadpool from the first second the movie begins. While it doesn’t get boring or wear thin at all, it might have been good to have another sub-plot of interest running parallel. This however does also leaves it open to being criticised for being a little predictable.


The constant references to marvel characters will definitely whet the appetite for Deadpool eventually crossing over into the MCEU and lord knows with the completion of Phase 3 soon arriving, Phase 4 could be in use of the Merc with the Mouth. The addition of Domino is a welcome one, lady luck will forever be smiling on people that consort with her…and with Cable about, Deadpool will need every bit of help he can to defeat his toughest foe yet.

Ultimately, I’m sure this film is layered and when I pick up the Blu-ray, I’ll catch jokes I missed the first time, no doubt. It’s very enjoyable, but ultimately falls a little short as it’s a case of ‘more of the same’ – so if there is to be a third movie in the franchise it will need a shake up to stay fresh and original, so hopefully the writers will take heed and we can enjoy more of Wade Wilson’s escapades.


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  1. I’ve been more excited for this film than any new Indiana Jones, Marvel’s Let’s See How Many Heroes We Can Cram Together, or Star Wars trampling. I can see your point about “more of the same,” and concur that a third round of such sameness will hurt the franchise far more than help. But with throwing in a batch of new characters, I’m willing to have a little “more of the same” while acquainting myself with these new additions. Then, in Round 3, we’ll be ready for the Shake-Up. x

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