HIGH ACHIEVERS: Hidden Agenda (Part 1)

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What do you get when you take three imbeciles, a Playstation 4 game and let them loose on their mobile phones? You get High Achievers! Yay!

Adrian, Anthony and Tony put their fedora hats on and get into the Sam Spade mood as they try to track down the notorious serial killer, The Trapper.


In this first episode, the three stooges get to grips with playing a game on the PS4 with their mobiles, and choose to help each other find the killer, rather than play against one another. Awww, ‘aint they nice?

Will the decisions they make get them closer to revealing the identity of the Killer? With a cast including Ben Bum-McChin face, Detective Becky and John Doe from ‘Seven,’ it’s anyone’s guess.

Check back with us at the weekend for Part 2!

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