THE PAPERCHAIN PODCAST – Series 1, Episode 10

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Alasdair Stuart


“There’s a lot of authors out there and if you pay them right you will get all of them.”

It’s the final episode of the first series of The Paperchain Podcast and we’ve got Escape Artist’s very own Alasdair Stuart on the show. He talks about his origins as a film critic in Yorkshire, through to running “the best kept secret in podcasting.” We talk about the process of reading through submissions, and how running a network of podcasts has changed the way he writes. Alasdair also talks about how he has come to learn about the construction of stories through writing Dr Who RPG sourcebooks, and we definitively declare the sixth Doctor story Timelash a hot mess. Finally, he reads a story based on last episode’s prompt, and turns out to be the only guest who actually enjoyed doing that bit. Well, what’s in store for the next series of Paperchain Podcast? Daniel’s been recording a brand new series. That’s ten brand new episodes coming out this year, featuring some incredible authors.

Not only that, but in episode one you’ll be getting a double feature – Freight Books authors Helen McClory and Gillian Best sat down with Daniel to chat about their novels. It was great to chat to them, and to hear the stories they’d written based on the prompts (yes, plural – you’ll see) in the episode. After that, you’ll be getting episodes monthly all the way up to November when episode 4 will be available, and the podcast will take a short Christmas hiatus before the remaining episodes come out. We hope to see you there…



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