FILM REVIEW: Thor: Ragnarok

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I’m pretty deep into the Marvel Cinematic Universe now…and so are you. You’d have to be on another planet not to have seen at least one of Marvel’s films over the past decade, so we’re in this together. For better (Winter Soldier) or worse (Iron man 2), till death us do part. Now…speaking of death…or more accurately, Cate Blanchett’s Goddess of Death, we finally find a worthy antagonist for Thor in this visual spectacle. The increasingly powerful ‘Hela’ has come to Asgard determined to return the glorious city to it roots and foundations. The prophecy has been foretold and it remains to be seen if Thor, with the help of (Longstanding Bromance Buddy) Hulk can save the day.


Thor’s cast is All Star, with the returning Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo, as well as new players Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson and Cate Blanchett. The Thor arch in the MCU has long positioned itself in the area between comedy and action; originally a serious mythological study more than the bombastic riot ala ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, with comedic elements starting to seep in with ‘The Dark World,’ – now they’ve really kicked up the laughter notch to eleven. Perhaps this has something to do with the overall unexpected success of Deadpool, but simply put…it works. You’ll always have a giggle in a Marvel film, (that’s a given) but ‘Thor Ragnorok’ is laugh out loud, I’m-trying-to-hold-my-sides-together-otherwise-my-ribs-will-explode hilarious at times. I was genuinely surprised by how funny the movie is. Some lesser characters will have you chuckling every time they open their mouths and it’s a welcome addition to the MCU. At 130 mins I worried that it could wear thin and start to wind down, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. From the opening salvo, the intensity continues to ramp up and the battles become more and more vigorous and grander in scale until a final show down is inevitable. You know the formula by now, so with seventeen films under the MCU belt, surely that’s no surprise.


The Hulk makes his long awaiting reappearance since Age of Ultron and doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve seen the Planet Hulk Animated movie, you’ll have a good idea of what’s occurring here. If not, you’re going to enjoy a lot of hulk doing what he does best. Hulks’ character has shifted tonally somewhat, and that may surprise fans of the franchise. He’s now more like a toddler throwing a tantrum rather than combustible ball of rage, but it leads to some truly memorable lines of dialogue between the rampant green giant and the God of Thunder. The Marvel movies have built a great foundation now, leading to the Infinity Wars movies slated for 2018. 2019 will bring a close to Phase 3.

With this being Thor’s fifth outing on the big screen, you wonder if he can learn any new tricks and how much more he can do with his fabled hammer…Well, continue to wonder no more – you will be blown away by the twists and turns this movie will take you on. Mjölnir will shock and amaze you in equal measure and the God of thunder will emerge victorious…

Or does he?

GO AND SEE THIS FILM…truly the best MCU movie to date and it will not disappoint.


4 out of 5

Review by Mike Prime

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