THE PAPERCHAIN PODCAST – Series 1, Episode 5

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Zelda Chappel


The halfway point of the first series of The Paperchain Podcast is here, and it looks like Zelda Chappel. Zelda comes on the show to talk about her poetry collection The Girl in the Dog Tooth Coat, her own organisation Elbow Room, and writing with no filter. She also reads a brand new poem based on the prompt set by Dave Hartley in last month’s episode.

Zelda Chappel is a poet, editor and artist. Her poetry has been widely published in journals and anthologies, both online and in print. Her debut collection, The Girl in the Dog-tooth Coat, was published by Bare Fiction in July 2015.

She is the co-curator and editor of the multi-arts journal Elbow Room and independent micro-publisher As Yet Untitled, publishing books by artists and writers but not quite as you know them. She is currently writing for a new project which she hopes will appear in 2017.

Daniel is currently busy on the second series of the show – and it won’t just focus on one type of writing. We want to have all sorts of guests. From poets to sci-fi novelists, practitioners of the craft to fans of literature. We’re aiming for a ton of variety in our guests, so one week you might hear some brand new performance poetry, and the next, weird fiction!


Tune in on Friday for Episode 6 of The Paperchain Podcast with Abi Hynes

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