STORGY’s Basement of Horrors! – Dying: Reborn (High Achievers Gaming)

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“Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.”
Cormac McCarthy

Take 2!

Okay, so the first High Achievers was a bit…shit. Adrian, Tony, Chris and Ant didn’t get to play Friday the 13th and all they had was copious amounts of booze to tide them over for the evening. What a sad story.

However, they soldiered on and booted up DYING: REBORN. It kind of started out as an ESCAPE THE ROOM type affair, but because the guys are so thick, it took them half an hour to get anywhere.

And yes, they realised soon after that the reason the letters on the door spelled D.E.R. was to do with the poster starting with MUR.


So simple.

Tune in tomorrow for STORGY’S Basement of Horror feature on Joe’s Diner (High Achievers Gaming)

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