FILM REVIEW: Fun Mom Dinner

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So I asked my wife if she wanted to watch a movie and as usual she questioned what it would be… something Marvel, Alien, or Kaiju related, no doubt. She was most surprised when I read her the synopsis for ‘Fun Mom Dinner’.  4 suburban mothers that have their children in the same school meet up for a nice, civilised meal away from diapers, chores, and spouses but end up on a night of crazy, drink, and weed fuelled shenanigans. Picture Bridesmaids Vs The Hangover but a tad watered down.  They are not all friends to start with and there are divisions within the small group but after a very brief semi-altercation and quick e-Joint, we have a group of BFF’s. The cast is ‘strong-ish’. Toni Collete (The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine) plays Kate, the angry stoner and pretty much steals the show. She is my personal kindred spirit; she doesn’t particularly like people and she definitely doesn’t like other ‘Moms’. I’m not convinced she even really likes children, yet her character has 4 of them. The roles of girls is pretty clear, Melanie, The big and loud wife (Bridget Everett), Emily, the attractive bored wife (Katie Aselton), Holly the sad divorcee (Leigh Dunham) and they all come across well in the characters. The dialogue is actually pretty funny at times and there is a good chemistry between most of the girls – the language does get quite shocking at times (personally I love it, but can imagine it not being to everyone’s taste)


You’ll watch the night unfold from the aforementioned ‘Fun Mom Dinner’ through the city ending at the water’s edge in search of a lost friend (Hence The Hangover comparison). Their journey takes them via the incredibly annoying and completely unnecessary Adam Levine’s bar…it was almost like he had part-funded the movie and demanded a role. He could have been anyone and preferably someone without a voice that sounds like nails on a chalk board (maybe it’s just me)

There is a pretty dull sub plot of 2 of the husbands looking after the kids and watching the night unfold via the Mom’s  Instagram accounts but this seems really crowbarred in and again not really needed.


Fun Mom Dinner is the writing debut of Julie Yaeger Rudd, with a pretty funny cameo from her spouse Paul and it’s a fairly tepid entry in to the world of female lead comedy. ‘Bad Moms’ last summer and this summer’s ‘Girl trip’ will have no doubt been an influencing factor in this movie, as I haven’t seen it advertised anywhere and it looks it’s going straight to digital release.

In closing, the movie is an easy watch which definitely has a time and place. It’s a decent ‘uuurgh, I feel so hung over’ kind of film. The cast is affable, though completely interchangeable, there isn’t a character that you feel couldn’t have been played by someone else, probably better. The storyline is very simple and doesn’t push any boundaries. Though if you are not sure what ‘rose budding’ is, DO NOT GOOGLE IT! I warn you, please do not.

Fun Mom Dinner can be downloaded here:

2 OUT OF 5

Review by Michael Prime

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