The EXIT EARTH Short Story Competition – Finalists

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We are pleased to announce the finalists of The EXIT EARTH Short Story Competition.

In alphabetical order, the finalists are:


Duncan Abel
‘Don’t Go To The Flea Circus’

Virginia Ballesty

Erik Bergstrom
‘Crow Rides A Pale Horse’

Michael Bird

Jessica Bonder

Rachel Connor
‘How To Curate a Life’

Francisco Gonzalez
‘Songs That Only Squirrels Can Hear’

Philip Webb Gregg
‘And The Waves Take The Words’

Robin Griffiths
‘Earth 1.0’

Richard Lee-Graham
‘The Euth of Today’

Tom Marcantonio
‘The Superhero’

Alan Robson 
‘When The Tide Comes In’

Guy Smith
‘Recorded Interview 3’

Paul Turner
‘No State’


Congratulations to everyone who made the final longlist, and thank you to all who entered The EXIT EARTH Short Story Competition.

The Shortlist will be published on Friday 4th August 2017 and the winners will be announced on Friday 11th August 2017.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Diane Cook for her expertise and invaluable assistance. The competition would not have been possible without her unwavering encouragement and support.

Thank you to Anthony Self, Ross Jeffery, and Alice Kouzmenko for critically reading every single entry and judging the competition. Thank you to Amie Dearlove, HartotVonCharlotte, and Carrie South for their incredible artwork.  Thank you to all our friends and family.



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