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Ever since we first embarked on our STORGY journey we have dreamt of publishing print books and officially joining the illustrious publishing industry, and with your support, we can finally secure a spot on bookshelves and sit among the greats.

The launch of STORGY BOOKS will enable us to share the words of our wonderful writers via the beauty of the printed page. Through STORGY Books we can further enrich our creative potential as we deliver books our authors, artists, and readers, can be proud of and enjoy.

STORGY MAGAZINE will continue to publish and promote emerging talent from across the world and the founding of STORGY BOOKS will further cement our status as one of the finest and most dedicated independent publishers of short fiction.

Your donations and support of STORGY Books will help to fund our 1st ever print publication; The EXIT EARTH Anthology, composed of the finalists of the EXIT EARTH Short Story Competition.



From Trumpocalypse to Brexit Britain, brick by brick the walls are closing in. But don’t despair. Bulldoze the borders. Conquer freedom, not fear. EXIT EARTH explores all life – past, present, or future – on, or off – this beautiful, yet fragile, world of ours. Final embraces beneath a sky of flames. Tears of joy aboard a sinking ship. Laughter in a lonely land. Dystopian or utopian, realist or fantasy, horror or sci-fi, EXIT EARTH is yours to conquer.

As Britain ventures into promised lands of sovereign soil and Europeans hunt for home, America launches non-nuclear crusades and declares fake news a fact. Putin and NATO deploy and defuse as new weapons give rise to an ice age of wars. Corporations find shelter protected by laws, their havens remote with no honesty clause. Construction continues and heavens lament, the hopes of the homeless controlled by the rent. Hurricanes and hunger and earthquakes and drought, the problems of people all nameless in news. Temperatures rise and ice caps melt as fossil fuels burn and forests exhaust. A man on a boat toasts his profit with glee as a mother and child count beans in a bank. A baby is born by a nurse without sleep, her husband transported, deported, and exiled, again. They fight for the right to be accepted at last, not by colour or class, but humans with heart. They read and observe and think and debate, the problem the same, mankind is to blame. Them, or me, or us, or all. Choose your companions. Stand tall.

The Anthology

The EXIT EARTH Anthology will include fourteen exclusive SHORT STORIES, fourteen exclusive ILLUSTRATIONS to accompany each story, fourteen AFTERWORDS by each author, INTERVIEWS with each winning author, and an exclusive INTERVIEW with EXIT EARTH Short Story Competition Judge; Diane Cook.

EXIT EARTH Short Story Competition

diane cook

The Exit Earth Short Story Competition was judged by the STORGY Editorial Team and award winning writer Diane Cook; author of the story collection Man V. Nature, and former producer for the radio show, This American Life. Man V. Nature was a finalist for the Guardian First Book Award, Believer Book Award and the Los Angeles Times Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction, and received Honorable Mention for the PEN/Hemingway award. Her stories have appeared in Harper’s, Tin House, Granta, and elsewhere and anthologised in Best American Short Stories. She is the recipient of a 2016 fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

The Authors

The authors in The EXIT EARTH Anthology are the finalists of the EXIT EARTH Short Story Competition. The critical reading and judging of entries to the Competition is currently underway and we will provide an update once the finalists have been confirmed. The schedule for announcements regarding the finalists of the short story competition is as follows:

Friday 28th July – Longlist Announcement
Friday 4th August – Shortlist Announcement
Friday 11th August – Winners Announcement

The Artists


HarlotVonCharlotte is an artist living and working in London – she graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2009 with a BA(Hons) in Illustration, subsequently discovering that the years spent there were a complete waste of time. She primarily focuses on figurative illustrative artwork of the slightly odd and macabre persuasion and has also used sculpting, painting, figure drawing and graphic design to create new styles and unique works of art. She is currently experimenting with laser cut acrylic collages. She collaborates with other artists for live drawing events. Her client list ranges from corporate to personal commissions.

Charlotte illustration

Amie Dearlove

London based tooth fairy and monster enthusiast Amie Dearlove, works as a tattooists apprentice by day and creature creator by night. When not making tiny toothy jewellery Amie can be found keeping sketchbooks and live drawing with her fellow artists.

Carrie South

Carrie South is an illustrator and painter from Oklahoma City, OK who creates delightfully brutal illustrations.

Carrie South Ilustration

Rob Pearce

Rob is a Graphic Designer from London who has worked with clients ranging from Nike & The British Film Institute to The Churches Conservation Trust. He recently designed the cover for the novel The Boy From Aleppo Who Painted The War, which was serialised for BBC Radio 4.

Rob Pearce illustration

Perks & Bundles

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