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The Ham is an online and in-print journal attempting to showcase the best in short-fiction, poetry, art, and photography, by writers, artists and photographers that don’t yet have developed careers. The Ham  is based in Peckham, but the journal can be found in a number of independent bookshops, cafes, and pubs around the UK, or ordered online from our shop.

The aim of The Ham is not only to provide a platform for writers and artists that are otherwise fairly under-represented, but also to distribute the journal in a way in which it will reach an audience not usually exposed to this type of work. A proportion, roughly 25%, of the total number of printed issues of The Ham, will be left on public transport, and in pubs and clubs in which you might not expect to find literary and arts journals. We aim to reach an audience that is not often targeted by literary and arts journals; teenagers on their way to school, commuters on their way to and from work, and day-time drinkers whiling away their time in pubs and social clubs up and down the country.

The Ham aims to showcase the weird, the wonderful, the quirky, the macabre, the unnerving, and the hilarious. They believe stories and pictures go together like ham and cheese, and the aim of the publication is to provide a space for interesting writing of any form, from anyone who cares to submit their work, alongside engaging visual art. The Ham is reliant on submissions, so if you think your work fits the bill then see the submissions page for guidelines on what they are looking for.

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