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If you want to spend a night bored and watching large, obscure animals singing crazy renditions of pop classics… then X-Factor is probably your best bet.

However, if you want an evening filled with fun, laughter and a fantastic soundtrack belted out by some of Tinsel Town’s best and brightest then book a VIP seat at your local picture show, grab the 3D shades and kick back with the popcorn.

Sing is a wonderful story of a world inhabited solely by humanoid animals with hopes and dreams, dramas and pressures not unlike the world we happen to be on, in our own lives.

Centred on a classic yet run down Theatre owned by the Cunning Koala, Buster Moon (voiced by the comeback kid Matthew McConaughey), Buster is drowning in debt. The bank are threatening foreclosure unless his accounts are settled, and soon. Like every television network in the world these days, Buster has the bright idea to have a singing competition with the humongous, over whelming, gargantuan prize of …errr…$1000. After a fantastically eye catching sequence of events, a mistake is made and the publications are distributed city wide with the offer of $100,000 instead, which is certainly enough to lure the general public to queue for hours for the chance to strut their stuff on the boards in front of the judges, hoping to make the cut for the final show.


Auditions are littered with stars of screen and radio alike, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Hudson and Taron Egerton’s characters all taking a break from their equally pressured lives to sing their hearts out and capture the oh so grand prize. You’ll be captivated by the performances and the personalities of each stage presence, whether it’s the rat pack Mouse that will leave you swooning in the aisle, the emo Porcupines, spandex clad Pigs or bizarre Japanese dancing dog troupe, there is a routine that will keep you and more importantly, the kids entertained from start to finish. The auditions are completed and the final acts selected before the ‘administrative error’ has been realised leaving Buster with quite the predicament. Cancel the show and lose the theatre or put on the show and somehow find an extra $99,000. Rock, please meet your new friend, Hard-place!

As you can imagine it would have been a short depressing film if Buster hadn’t opted for the latter. Not ideal for the target audience, though it would have been a more accurate portrayal of the real word and probably a valuable lesson for the next generation. So you’ll spend the next hour of your life absorbed by the finalist’s very different lives and personal issues that could possibly prevent them from winning the contest.


There are Divas and egomaniacs alike, singers so full of swagger and bravado that it belies their tiny stature, but on the flip side some people are too shy to even answer their names. You’ll have fun trying to decide who you’ll want to win the prize fund. Not everyone in this zoo-topian world is an angel, there are gangsters and molls, bank robbers and prison breaks as well as over-worked, under-appreciated mums and angst ridden teens. Too often children’s films use close to the knuckle humour to get a rise out of the parents that often goes over the head of the whipper-snappers low brow, Sing is as clean as they come and in this lies the genius script that keeps the movie flowing. The dialogue is punchy and direct with no wasted opportunity for a pun. The picture is vibrant and beautiful, as you would expect of the Illumination, the team that brought you Minions and Despicable Me.


Whether you are looking for a movie to entertain the children or a cheeky animated movie to make you feel a little happier in a world where orange skinned morons dominate the media, this film will come out a winner and is definitely worthy of an overinflated cinema ticket.

Go and See it: just please don’t get up and break-dance in the aisle, you will be asked to leave and have to beg not to be evicted, trust me.

STORGY Score: 40


Review by Michael Prime


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  1. Never had the chance to watch this before. I think its a great idea to read this film review. I will check it out in my free time. Thanks!

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