BOOKS: Best Reads of 2016 – List by Joseph Sale



The Complete Double Dead by CHUCK WENDIG 

The concept for Double Dead is genius: in a zombie apocalypse, a lone vampire must protect the last humans so that his food supply doesn’t dry up. In this dead vs dead masterpiece we are treated to madness after madness: zombie-worshipping cults, two-ton cannibal goddesses and a city full of clowns, all rendered with Wendig’s sure-handed prose and fresh voice.


A Fish Trapped Inside The Wind by CHRISTIEN GHOLSON


The magical prose of this understated and yet earth-shattering novel will transport you to the town of Villon, Belgium, where an intriguing cast of characters are perplexed and drawn together by the sudden materialization of thousands of dead fish, which appear to have fallen from the sky. As we go deeper into their pasts and begin to understand more intimately the links between these characters, a revelation emerges, one that left me shaking and stunned.


A Complete Guide to the Soul by PATRICK HARPUR

This is one of the most amazing pieces of non-fiction I have ever read. Tackling a tricky and nebulous subject, this book goes some way to explicating something which has remained elusively hard to define whilst never compromising on the beauty or poetry that a soul represents to many. Science and belief come together in an exquisite examination of what separates us and also binds us to the world around us. Powerful, heartfelt, written by someone with genuine wisdom and a crystalline style that renders all things clear, this is a must for anyone who has ever asked questions about the nature of existence, dreams, who we are.


Finders Keepers by STEPHEN KING

While many would say that King’s latest works are not, perhaps, as strikingly original or as memorable as his earlier pieces, I think there is a maturity of style and also an insight which more than makes up for any lack of fervor. Finders Keepers is an amazing reflection on the impact writing has on a life whilst never becoming pretentious or overly self referential. Moving, gripping from start to finish, this novel demonstrates that King is still the King and has lots more to say.


Remnant (Novum Vol. 2) by MOIRA KATSON

This science fiction novel stands out from the crowd with beautifully crafted characters and empathetic prose that really puts you inside the emotional world of its protagonists. At once bleak and hopeful, hard-hitting and sensitive, this is a real masterpiece. Though the second in a series, this book can be read as a standalone.


Tribulations by RICHARD THOMAS

A masterful collection of 20 stories written by a master of the genre. This neo-noir collection with haunt, thrill and emotionally wound you. From the dark mystery of Little Red Wagon to the terrifying twist of Misti, it will leave you gobsmacked and awed by the power of the short story.



An intense novella written in an authentic voice that never wavers: as the psychological games of a warped couple ramp up, and the truth of what is going on becomes clear, this novella’s ending leads you somewhere quietly cataclysmic.


Dhalgren by SAMUEL R. DELANY

This is widely regarded as one of the most mysterious and difficult-to-understand novels ever written. A sci-fi epic from the 70s that is cryptic, intriguing and controversial. The characters in this are so well realized, and the events told with such startlingly vivid prose, that you will find yourself sucked into the mysterious world of Bellona, the autumnal city, from the first enigmatic sentence.



Michael Bray is one of the most prolific and talented horror writers out there, with a gift for hypnotic storytelling reminiscent of Stephen King, but distinctive in its own way. In Shoebox, we are treated to a novella about a young man who discovers a million dollars in a shoebox in his back garden, and the ensuing paranoia that results from it. Guaranteed you will never see the ending coming.


The Lyre Speaks True by JAMES SALE

Okay, I have to own up on this one: my dad did write this. But even so, I think I can say without bias this is an astonishing collection of poetry. With over 50 years of experience and an insight unparalleled in contemporary fiction, James creates beauty out of even the most agonizing personal experiences. Intimate, spiritual, combining both the elevated and divine (encounters with the Emerald Buddha, revisitations of Biblical scenes) and the everyday of love and loss in the modern world, this is really something special. Way to go, dad.

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