Ten Stories About Something – ‘We Are Each Other’ by Cathy Vella

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Cathy Vella

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Sleep is a state of darkness separate to existence; it is pleasant and restful to the mind, which can be a matter dark indeed. Sleep is a journey to welcome relief. It is the shifting kaleidoscope of darkness that can be found by burying the whole of your head in the pillow and beckoning the world of dreams. To dream is to banish yourself to some far distant corner of mind, to imagine memory dissolve and vanish, to forget, to lose sense of place and time. We become locked in a more intense reality. The dream is, in a sense, a purer sense of self, as it is in the dream that the whole self is situated.

Dreams are portals to wormholes. Upon dreaming, the physical being will transfer thoughts, experiences, knowledge and memory with another physical being that is also dreaming. Dreams allow us to physically experience the lives of others.

In dreams you cannot always be sure you have escaped yourself and one must be wary of this. You can traverse and surmount centuries of the immobility of the body, from where the unseen walls keep changing, adapting themselves to the shape of each successive lingering consideration; things that you had in mind when you went to sleep.

The dream experience creates a smooth transition from one physical being to another.

Dreams help span seemingly unbridgeable gaps; the dream is the journey through the wormhole. When the dream comes it is a cave of warmth dug out of the heart of a summer evening, where you fall into a moment of the heart beating.

The images in dreams are possibilities of other futures, a glimmer of others’ memories merged with your own to add the familiar. The dream will sense your feelings, your wants, desires and apprehensions, and will try to make the transition with a suitable match.

A person may experience recurring dreams if previously these dreams have been successful in transference.

In dreams, the simplicity of everything will begin to appear. The thoughts of others blend so harmoniously with your own ideas, earlier memories mingle with the present and the possible futures. In dreams one can meet with others’ thoughts. Real life may gradually become mundane in comparison.

The mind will never contrive to make the body and all the surrounding objects stand still.  It is surely life-affirming knowing that you are not in places that you had known or will ever know; yet they seem familiar. They seem familiar because they are remnants of another’s memory, the physical world’s link to all others. In dreams one can distinguish the reflections of mysteries and forbidden thoughts. One can become an inviolable solitude.

Time after time the dream-invaded consciousness will become infinitely more peculiar and appealing. The refinement and existence of a particular dream instance makes it seem highly probable that any moment is possible. During waking hours the dream consciousness will whisper – forbidden pleasures and gushing sweetness will come if you understand.  Hearts will be broken, mended. Infinite pleasures realised. Eternity exists within a single breath and a single breath can last an eternity.

The dream self will beckon you, tempt you into sleep, so that the two selves can be reconciled.

The ultimate aim of a dream is the transference of the consciousness to another physical being. In a sense it is possible that at one time you were the person walking past you in the street.

The physical being is a vessel for many consciousnesses.

We do not live in the now for there are infinite nows.

We were all each other at some point in time and will continue to be so.


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