Benjamin Hewitt’s New Short Story – A Forgotten Colour

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Benjamin Hewitt



i want to lick you from your belly up to your neck‏


i have diorite on me…lalala…ignore…hot‏



you have frozen‏

have i frozen?‏





why you frozen‏




– CALL –




I miss your beautiful body‏

you are such high quality picture‏


it misses you‏

i am??‏


oh dear‏


changed my mind, I want to lick you from toes to neck instead‏


i wad yo to lick mr fro belly button to toes to head to belly‏


and I want to stop at your thigh and take forever kissing from your knee up and up and up‏

then I want to kiss right on your outer lips up and down, really gently, and stroke your belly‏

then stroke them with one finger until you get soaking wet‏


then I wanna kiss you really gently right in the middle to get my lips wet with your juices‏

and nuzzle you a bit with my nose‏

and slip my hands under your butt‏

wanna touch yourself….?‏

and ill tell you more‏


or is mother around‏


she is in bed‏

door is open‏

i will go stop intruding cat‏




no worries if not, I will tell you stories anyway‏



i am getting into pants‏



me too‏


1 sec‏




no lighting‏


where was I…‏


i am like shaky turned on‏


so with my hands… im stroking your belly….up to your chest, running a finger around your nipples‏

and with my face buried between your legs, i’m breathing heavy on you‏


and you’re stroking my hair, asking me to just do it‏

and when you’re soaking wet and can’t take it any more‏

I bury my face completely in you and lick from the bottom of your pussy all the way up to the top‏

and tickle you nice and softly on your bit‏

and give it a kiss‏

and with my spare hand I reach down and start stroking myself‏


and I can feel the end of me getting wet‏

and I use it to stroke myself soft and get myself rock hard‏

and my heads in you and you’re pushing it in really hard now‏


and i’m getting faster, my tongue going in a million directions‏

like a hurricane ;)‏

and i’m sucking on your bit‏

and I spit on my fingers and rub them around your nipples‏

and you grip my hands‏

and I grab myself‏


and stroke it faster and faster and I feel like coming everywhere‏

and all I wanna do is just fuck you‏

so I climb on top of you and kiss you from your lips‏

to your neck‏

to your beautiful chest‏

to your amazing stomach and all down your arms, all the time with one finger making sure you stay wet‏

and I slip two inside‏

to make sure you’re ready‏


and tickle you for a while, and your hands are on the back of my head‏

and I slip inside you‏

and kiss you hard‏

what were you gonna say?‏


i am so wet right now, look…‏


omg I want to taste that so badly‏

i love the way you taste it is the best thing in the world‏



can u see me ok‏


kind of, it is dark‏


i am so hard for you right now‏

i want to be inside you so badly…. but at the same time i want you to ride my face… i cant decide‏

i wish i could do both at once‏

i wish there was a way to be inside you but also be licking your bit in a million different ways‏

and make you cum from both thing‏



at once‏

i want to lie you down and kiss your neck and hold you, and go so deep inside you‏


an i see your pussy, for a sec….‏


i don’t know how to aim mac‏



that is ok‏


no worries‏





don’t wanna interrupt you‏

i wish i was in your mouth right now…‏


i feel o wet but want it to be your spit not mine‏

i want to rub myself over every inch of you‏

omg you’re amazing‏


i want to kiss every tiny bit of your beautiful self‏


omg yeah‏


webcam went‏


you ae back‏



i will never see someone as hot as you in my whole life‏

i want to climb on top of you and touch myself, kneeling over you‏

and grab one of your boobs with one hand, running a wet finger around your nipple‏

and with the other reach back‏

and slip two fingers inside your pussy‏


and carress every bit of you inside‏

every wall‏

every millimetre of you inside, and ask you how each bit feels‏

and ill know exactly where you want to be touched‏

without you even having to say‏


im going to cum soon‏


and then i want to pull you up and on top of you‏

and down onto my face‏

and pull you tight against my tongue‏

and grab your ass‏

and make you grind against my tongue and stare into your eyes‏

and i’ll put my tongue as deep as i can into you‏

then put it out and flick it around so you can see‏

and you’ll reach back‏


and grab hold of me‏

and use your own juice to get me off‏

then ill turn you around and your face will land on me, and i’ll slip inside your mouth‏

while your pussy is still on mine‏

and youll pull me deep inside your mouth and i wont be able to stop groaning even with my whole face in your pussy‏


and i’ll grab your ass and make you grind on my face and i’ll make your face move facer on me‏

and ill thrust up and down fucking you‏

while you fuck my face too‏

and pull your body tight against mine‏


so i’ll completely inside your mouth at the back of your throat, and your pussy will be so hard down on my face i wont even be able to breathe‏

but ill feel so good‏

i wanna come inside you so badly‏


wanna fuck you from every angle‏

then come inside you and kiss you hard on the lips as i do‏

and i want us both to come at the same time‏

then i’ll go down and lick both our juices up‏

then kiss you so we can both taste eachother‏


then move up and run my penis over your lips‏

so you can taste every last drop of me‏

and i want to drink up every last drop of you afterwards‏

so that you’re completely dry‏

then talk dirty to you for half an hour until you’re wet again, then go inside again‏

and i want to do this fforever‏


either fucking you with my dick or my tongue‏

until you come and come and come‏

until it’s like we’re in some half dream state‏

where it’s just our bodies‏

coated in come and your juice‏

and sweat‏

rolling around our bed forever kissing eachother‏

and telling eachother we love one another‏


with fairy lights around us, illuminating us glistening, and us fucking ,faster and faster until we’re a blur‏

until i don’t know what it feels like to not be inside of you‏

to not have my dick deep inside you‏

to not have my face completely buried in your pussy‏


to not be looking up at your sexy form as you ride my face, fucking my face as hard as you can‏

pulling my hair‏

and pulling me hard against you‏

digging your nails into my head‏

and my neck‏

and bouncing up and down on my face‏

your ass bouncing against my neck‏

your bit slapping off my face until my cheeks go red and sore‏

and im groaning because of how good it feels‏


and il dripping bed, streams of your juice going from between my lips and your pussy‏

every time you go up‏

and when you go down i slam back into the bed‏

and you stay there, on top of me‏

not letting me breathe until you say so‏

and all the while i’m fapping so hard‏

just rubbing myself until i’m sore‏


so wet from your spit‏

because you’re reaching back and helping me‏

and then you come, so hard‏

then you scream and everyone for miles can hear‏

and you come for like a minute‏


i have left a wet patch‏


im so dizzy‏

where am i‏


whats happening‏

i need water‏

how was it‏

for you‏


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  1. Sally shared this on fb. I thought it was absolutely bloody brilliant. You’ve s tremendous style to your writing on this. It’s realistic, flows and is compelling. Honestly, completely fantastic.

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