Amber Koski’s New Short Story – Colin





Amber Koski

En France, avec amour

Number of:

Resolutions made during their marriage: 70

Years she’d lived in Virginia but dreamed of moving to Région Parisienne: 20

Resolutions met during their marriage: 0

Conversations had about “working on things”: 14

Countries she’d visited since the separation: 6

Consecutive days she’d not spoken to Colin since the separation: 3

Suitcases she packed: 2

Years she tried to learn French: ½

Hours spent in air: 12.50

Days before she spotted Charlotte giving tours at Château de Versailles: 0.5

Questions she wanted to ask: 10

Total espressos she drank at Le Sevigne hoping to see her: 4

Days it took her to ask Charlotte to dinner: “Veux-tu qu’on aille dîner quelque part?”: 7

Instances she tucked her wedding ring into the small zip pocket of her purse: 2

Languages they spoke (or tried to): 3

Servings of Foie Gras at Chez Lazare: 2

Tours Charlotte gave her of Versailles: 4

Drinks they spilled at the party in Rambouillet: 5

Bottles of Coteaux du Languedoc, Chateau d’Assas they shared: 1

Miles that separate their countries: 4,290

Bottles of Taittinger Cuvee Prestige, Brut Champagne she brought to their hotel room: 1

Nights they woke the neighbors dancing to “Amado mio”: 3

Days they spent deciphering spotty translations – sign-language charades: 3

Times she worried Charlotte would find out about Colin: 25

Americanos, espressos, chocolate-chip cookies Charlotte ordered for them: 20

Items used to eat Comté & La tomme de Savoie – tea spoons: 2, saucer plate: 1

Years since she last smoked: 8

Lucky Strikes she shared with Charlotte: 15

Lesson on how to open champagne: 1

Pillows thrown to the floor at dawn: 4

Times her mouth tasted like coffee: 13

Kisses she counted as Charlotte placed them down her spine: 58

Moments she thought of him: 2

Orgasms he had given her in their 6 years of marriage: 7

Orgasms Charlotte gave her each night: 4

Other women she’d slept with since meeting Colin: 0

Charlotte’s favorite apples – Royal Gala – that she brought her each morning: 2

Times Charlotte offered her hat and she took it: 0

Times Charlotte offered her gloves and she took them: 3

Songs Charlotte sang back to her in French: 4

Hours they spent sleeping: 12

Total hours Charlotte spent giving her soft kisses on her head: 10

Minutes she spent wondering why she never loved him this way: 39

Times she had to stop herself from saying I need you: 200

Times she said I want you with wine stained lips: 10

Chairs they took up as she waited for her flight home: 1

Minutes she stared in Charlotte’s direction as she walked out of the terminal: 13

Drinks she salted with her tears: 6

Flight attendants who asked “Is there anything else I can get you?”: 4

Repeat plays of Edith Piaf songs on her iPod: 8

Weeks she continued to dream of Charlotte: 10

Hours she spent, up to her neck in hot bath water that turned her skin into a continuous blush, as the faucet water rushed and steamed the small mirror she placed on the ledge of the bath so she could look at herself: 35

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