New Stories – New Rules



We are excited to announce the ‘STORGY Short Film’.

Here at STORGY we are continuously striving to develop our relationship with readers and introduce innovative ways in which words can inspire and encourage creative collaboration. Our mission is to enhance engagement between readers and writers and enable all to enjoy the short story in new and interesting ways.

From Monday 4th November, STORGY Short Stories will begin to be posted online as per normal. Once all STORGY Short Stories have been published, our readers will have the opportunity to vote on which of the short stories they would like to see adapted into a short film.  The short film will be produced by Self Productions and released online for all to enjoy.

We hope this adds to the STORGY experience and further encourages creative collaboration.

In 2014, the ‘STORGY Short Film’ round will open up to all.

Readers will submit short stories and witness the winning story’s transformation into a short film.

For a sample of Self Productions, watch the film below.


Based on a short story by Charles Bukowski



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  1. I have seen this video before by an amazing production team called impressionist productions…have you reformed?

    1. You are indeed correct. All the Great Writers was produced by Impressionist Productions (a wonderful team), however, future shorts will be produced by Self Productions, unless Impressionist Productions reforms.

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