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Here we have the second batch of title submissions from our wonderful readers:

  • We were right all along
  • Liberty Reserve Bank
  • Where’s my fucking money
  • Man Dies in Beaver Attack
  • The Man in the Little Blue Car
  • Velvet Petals
  • Josh’s Run in with Jake the Snake Roberts
  • Can I Shave That?
  • The Quiet Exclamationist!
  • She Used to be an Eskimo don’t you know
  • Prison Lobster
  • The Last Two People Left on the Night Bus
  • The Seriously Libellous Case of Tom Cruise
  • The Mute Ventriloquist
  • Gin and Squirrels
  • We rolled off the train like a bag of smashed arseholes
  • Cinnamon rimmed seduction
  • Paline on Ossa
  • The sad truth of Others and Boredom
  • Her not-quite-perfect this and thats
  • As slow as a day at the guillotine
  • You would always offer me the last crisp
  • A stiff upper lip at dawn
  • It becomes too late all too quickly
  • Crocodile done-deal
  • A bedful of dreadful
  • One way ticket to muscle atrophy
  • The fireworks incident
  • Blue Skies and Black Roses
  • ┬áIf Winston was Alive
  • The Black and White Bastard
  • Take Troy Today
  • Inside John Dwyer’s Guitar Case
  • Wrapped in Feathers
  • The Local Boy
  • The Wake
  • Daydreaming under a fat guy

Now a title will be picked by one of our readers and the writing shall commence…

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