1st Title Submissions

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Here we have the 1st batch of titles submitted by our readers…

  • By the Light of The Moon
  • I like to Eat the Ice Cubes in my Drinks
  • Gin Sling
  • The Man Who Couldn’t Sneeze
  • Torchlight
  • A Horse With No Voice
  • A Pig Made of Sticks
  • Banannaman Goes to Prison for Tax Evasion and Becomes Wesley Snipes Best Mate
  • Steven Seagal’s Asia on a Shoestring for Ex-Army
  • Police Officers
  • The Adventures of Super Cunt
  • It Upset Me When I found Out My Mum was a Man
  • The Boy Who Wore Odd Socks
  • Needle in the Staff Toilet
  • White Girl in Southall

Some of the titles are pretty good, a little provocative and possibly problematic, but that’s the shit we like. Booja!

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